Modular Lighting System

Hey all, I’ve begun work on a modular lighting system, created using blueprints. The idea is that you can drop in light actors with configurable variables like base mesh type, textures, light intensity and color, etc, and then tie their activation/deactivation to a particular switch by assigning numerical switch channels. Any lights falling within a control radius of a light switch actor on the same switch channel will have it’s on/off state controlled by that switch. Placement of lights and light switches is super easy thanks to the snap-to-nearest-surface function, which will line up your switch or lamp mesh flush with the nearest parallel wall. Several lamp and light switch meshes will be included, as will several light profile textures, flickering light material functions, and lamp base aesthetic textures.

Here is a proof of concept video detailing the switch-channel functionality:

As well as a gif showcasing the snap-to-nearest-surface functionality.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions/requests.

Happy Holidays!

Keeping in line with previous asset development, I’m using Trello to map out my to-do list, and as I did with Orbit, I’m making the development Trello viewable to anyone who’d like to follow development. You can find the full feature list and the implementation status here.