Modular Clothing Pack + Fabric Material

Hey Everyone,

As an indie developer, having the budget to populate your game worlds with quality characters can be extremely pricey and we wanted to create a set of clothing that would be especially useful for indie devs. We didn’t just want to create one off models like “the military guy” as everyone’s games using similar assets would look identical… we wanted to put ultimate control in the hands of the developers.

What we’ve developed is a modular clothing system that allows for customization while maintaining high quality assets. This level of modularity combined with our fabric material that was created specifically with clothing in mind make this even more powerful for developers to get unique characters specific to your game worlds . The material allows you to change colors,patterns, dirtyness, sweatyness, etc…all layered on top of each other to create a final look that that you can only get using this pack!

**Substance Design Material **

all textures were created using a single substance material that has all the exposed parameteres in unreal that you can adjust to get the desired look for your game! (see attached asset info sheet below for more details)

1st / 3rd Person Arm/Body Consistency

you can decide to use just the arms and be sure that the 3rd person to 1st person models will be consistent between each other.

Planned Features

There are so many planned features and asset packs that I want to share with you guys soon (below are just a few)!! stay tuned and let me know what you all think!

Dynamic wrinkle maps, for animating clothing folds…
Dynamic wear and tear(holes,rips)



this is good work, well done :slight_smile:

Awesome work! What are you thinking for pricing on this pack? or is it multiple different packs? Either way, I’m definitely buying this :slight_smile:

will keep an eye on this, some suits would be nice as well.

Wow … this looks pretty cool. Keen to hear your price point on this. Really looking forward to this one. 8-}

Hey guys! Thanks for the positive feedback so far, It’s very much appreciated!

@jacob 3d- Thanks man glad you like em! the plan is to sell these as separate packs…for example, the pants pack, shirts pack, sweaters pack, vests pack etc…This was the best way to organize things on my end as well as making things flexible for the folks buying who may not necessarily want the whole library but instead some selected sets. This also work well for all future assets packs I have planned.

I think having a pack of pre-assembled outfit combinations could be useful as well…and maybe even 1 bundled pack with all sets included. would this be something of interest to you guys?

As for the pricing I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I would love to hear the community’s feedback on what they would feel most comfortable with. As for me I was thinking between $30-$75 per pack. I try to take into account the quality, modularity, inclusion of a dedicated fabric material with all it’s features that allows for added levels of customization Plus all the goodies I have planned!

@qdelpeche- Stay tuned man! I can’t wait to show you guys more of the features I have in store!

bumping this up! any feedback on prices would be much appreciated!

Also adding an info sheet if anyone is interested in the specs…

I take it I could add my own materials which could contain things like tears etc?

If so, I would be willing to pay $35 - 40 for the pack

As this suggested, I would really enjoy the idea of modular office attire clothing.

Do you know if this is capable of working with Mixamo’s fuse?

@LeamDelaney - currently all the normal maps, Ambient Occlusion maps as well as masks are stored and embedded within my substance material. I do have a slot for specific textures…so you can input your own color map if mines does not have all the features you require.

Also, it may be helpful to know that tears/rips/blood,mud and many others are on the list of planned features(see list uptop) which I want to add in time for the marketplace release of this pack. The idea is that this is a 1 stop shop for all things clothing related…so any feedback to make it as all around useful as possible is very welcomed!

@Alaan- thanks Alaan for the feedback! yes absolutely office attire is definitely a main part of this pack…in fact one thing i have not mentioned yet are the different variations i will be offering aswell…these are the base to start…however there will be version with shirts tucked/untucked…as well as pants and sleeves rolled up… the goal is for different variations so you can essentially create whatever look you are after.

about Mixamo’s Fuse, I have yet to play around with it enough to know if it could be compatible…however the goal was to have this work directly with unreal’s skeleton so that any animations you buy from the marketplace can be assigned without any issues.

Brilliant attention to detail ClayBender,
I wouldn’t mind parting with some of my cash for an asset pack like this and if you could add Substance support that would just be icing on the cake :slight_smile:

P.S. The cake is not a lie :wink:

@benjamin.smith Absolutly man! all the textures for this is driven by a single substance material that has all the exposed parameteres in unreal!

P.S. i’m totally taking you up on that cake!

Very Nice ClayBender. I vote YES for any modular/customizable assets and these pieces look top notch. The potential with such outfit packs is virtually unlimited in gender style, fashion, and theme (ie: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Western, Super-hero, Hip Hop/Rock, etc). The more modularity, granularity, fabric materials, modifiable parameters, etc the better. I would urge consideration for morph-targets for clothing shape adjustment (ie: Daz3D Supersuit) and support for Morphing Characters. I’m personally in need for Fantasy Outfits & Armor and in the planning stages for in-game clothing editor inspired by Marverlous Designer. In all honesty its more ambitious than I desire to pursue, an in-game editor using your Modular Clothing Pack + Fabric Material is within reach. Hopefully, fantasy themed outfits are in future plans.

Are these clothes dynamically adjusted to fit every model or are they restricted to a certain base model? Btw, I would need realistic sci-fi stuff and basically do not buy stuff which is expensive. Though from a seller perspective i think it makes more sense to sell for a low price, thus more can afford it and overall if the product is good, more returns, and you are not a scumbag to sell overpriced = win-win.

Will you possibly release a human male model that will fit into these clothes? This pack looks absolutely phenomenal but I’m worried that the human males models used in my game will not integrate well with these clothes.

I’d pay $30/35 for this pack for sure. Very nice looking stuff.

Being able to add blood would be good.

@TechLord - Thank you, much appreciated! yes the idea is to give as much control over the look as possible. These types of systems unfortunately take a very long time to setup. The goal is to get all the modern day civilian clothing stuff out of the way then tackle other time periods/genre’s. Morph target body shapes is also something I want to look into for more variation on existing costumes!

@unit23 - currently they are based on a male base mesh, however the plan is to be able to get different body types

@Valachio - yes, I will release the human base models!

@thankstipscom - thanks man! thats the kind of feedback that will help me tailor the prices better!

This pack looks pretty cool, even if it doesn’t fit with my usual genre :wink:

@SaviorNT hahaha thanks man! really appreciate that! i have plans to do other genre’s however these types of systems take a long time to setup even for something as familiar as civilian clothing.

Do you have any video of you using this, in-engine?

Obviously, potential customers need to see your work in action, and this looks like something I would be interested in, as long as I was confident I knew how it was implemented. (Also, shoes/boots? :slight_smile: )