Modular Clothing Pack + Fabric Material

Yes definitely awesome stuff. I’d also like to see a demo in-engine. Possibly both first and third person.

Hey guys!! its been a long time since my last update…here’s why…

My friend has started a digital clothing store called Folds In Tris(FITS) , I couldn’t say much about it until now!it launched last week and alread the reception is great!! I’ve been making the in-game versions as seen in previous posts…as I’ve stated, this is much bigger than just giving you one off models…so from the start we wanted this to be a one-stop-shop for all things clothing and have everything be truly modular in all aspects so you can create any characters you want.

Here is the official Facebook page so you can see all the other items that i’ll be converting to in-game models…including but not limited to, jackets, jumpsuits,military specific kneepads, ski-mask…etc all the clothing are simulated in marvelous designer so you can re-simulate them onto your specific models if you have a specific shape you want. please like and share it!!

Also I’ve finished making the male/female bodies as-well as the shoes and other accessories which will make switching between first person/3rd person views consistent! here are a few images of them which will all share the fabric material so you can make as many variations in color and patterns as you want!! Think of the possibilites!!

STAY TUNED! more to come!!

here are some shots of some of the other items you can expect on the marketplace.

This stuff is looking awesome! Your friend does some great work, I’m looking forward to seeing how your converted models turn out :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Would buy in a heartbeat! :smiley:

They look pretty great :slight_smile:

Would be interested to see wireframes and polycounts but…

Thank you guys! This has been a huge undertaking to offer this level of modularity and customization so all the kind words are much appreciation.

@ioFlow-Studios- I can definetly post some wireframes!

I would buy these if I could buy a full pack and not have to buy them all sepereate. also if they would def fit my model

it looks amazing but i really would need the entire pack lol

@Uprentiss- Although I initially mentioned I would sell them in separate packs pants,shirts,vest etc… After speaking with jon jones through emails, their system isnt setup for this as yet…so the plan is now to include a pack of full characters already assembled using various outfits and combinations. I would still like to sell them separately as some people may not need a whole character for example an environment artist could use just the shoe pack to populate an environment…or have clothing tossed around…etc…

This was made to have maximum customizability and modularity utilizing all the meshes provided aswell as the materials to get specific looks to your project.

Let me know what you all think would be best for you!

Yeha bro if you are putting them all int he same pack, consider yourself having a buyer already. soon as its up . you have my money!!!

I do have a quesiton,a re you planning to do any jeans? like tight jeans, loose fit, baggy and etc?

Yep totally! There is already jeans! And again the way I created these ill be able to give variations on different clothing for example, rolled up sleeves. rolled up pannts, tucked in shirts…etc

all i got to say is…is it out yet lol

I spot Marvelous Designer software

Whats happened with this bro

@Uprentiss Thanks for checking up man! I’ll have some stuff to show soon-ish! my day job has been quite demanding… aswell as just the sheer number of stuff that needed to be in place to make sure this works fine. Just to let you know where i am with all this, its all rigged up and ported over in unreal, tested all the animations from the marketplace to make sure its all working fine. I’ve also ported over the material from substance into unreal and made sure its user friendly enough…after fixing some bugs with substance its all working now! and you should have some updates to show soooooooooon-ish!

I thought this had died a death. I’m glad to see something could still come of this.

Will you be releasing different LODs?

I look forward to seeing what this looks like rigged and animated.

Hey everyone! I’m not dead yet! Haha been busy with work/life…just to fill you all in I’ve been in talks with the epic guys, and although there was a small communication blip made me lose some time everything is back on track!

In the meantime please enjoy this Video! Colin has finished the website aswell as some videos of the clothing…please support if you want the high resolution source files from which the character clothing pack is based on. You can purchase these right now! Please if you can’t buy, share and support as we try to make this a 1 stop shop for all things character related!

Official website!

Sorry, I’m still not seeing anything that could be pulled into Unreal. It just looks like Marvelous Designer clothes being pulled around in-program.

The problem with that is that the clothes need to be animated using each unique, in-game character. Even using the Unreal stock figure wouldn’t help, as no-one would use that for their game. Are you planning to make clothes just for people who have Marvelous Designer? Because those are the only people this would help, as far as I can see. I don’t see how this would be a good fit for the Unreal Marketplace.

You also haven’t addressed LOD, either.

I’d be (very) happy to proved wrong, though, so please let us know.

@ Jezcentral- hey man, i hear you and trust me it hasn’t gone as smoothly as i’d hoped either…however and this is in no way being argumentative nor am i making excuses… i think part of the issue here is that i’m not sure you are aware of just how long characters take to make in production, as appose to say static props that requires little deformation…etc. this is the reason you don’t see a lot of character assets with this degree of modularity on the marketplace…changing some colors on 20 of the same guy is not what i consider modular… a modular system where all the different outfits have to interact with each other…its not easy.

to give you an example in production usually big teams are working on features like this from programmers to animators to riggers to modelers and in fact even with all those people they end up outsourcing most of it…this is in no way an excuse, just trying to show the magnitude of something like this…now factor in what i’m trying to do with a modular material as well…its not easy to make 1 material that works for every asset…from shoe to pants to shirt to hats…gloves…etc…

then lets talk about rigging all these…they all have to be rigged and weighted properly so that interpenetration of meshes are at a minimal…you will notice that because its a true modular system all the pieces being separated makes this a bit challenging…after all that…this is not taking into account that i work a full-time job… and require at least 4 hrs sleep daily to not die.

about LODs there are currently none…not because of incompetence nor lazyness…but rather the meshes are so low already that im not sure it will be required much. if you refer back to the asset sheet up top you will notice that all the assets combined currently are 40,000 which is a about 10,000 more than 1 epics characters… I wanted to reach the most wide case scenario use for these so i kept them pretty low.

Either way bud, i hear you and trust me…when i tell you its been a huge undertaking…its now 5:32am im going to bed…to wake up for 9:30 am…good day to you sir and hopefully i can have more to show soon on the low poly front…(which is in unreal already and running around… take my word for it)