Modular Cliffs

Hello everyone,

My latest package “Modular Cliffs” has just been released.

Edit: Added a video:

Here’s an interview about the process of making the assets and the scene: 80lvl

I will also be using this thread as a support channel, so don’t hesitate to post here if you have any questions, concerns, wishes for future updates… :wink:
Thank you!







(more screens on product page)

Very nice. Looks like a photo. =)

Looks Awesome!

<digs in empty wallet>

Sick! :cool:

holy hnnng.

Really good looking, gratz, 5 stars :wink:

PS: You forgot the beach umbrella

These are absolutely stunning 0.o

This looks really nice

Before I spend 80 bucks I want to see this “modularity” first in action for example by youtube

That’s a great idea, I will try to put something up soon.
In the meantime, I can try to persuade you with sharing what Activision’s VP of Technology thinks about this “modularity” :slight_smile: tweet

Thank you!

Thanks, guys and girls! Means a lot :wink: Macoll, I actually thought about it, but didn’t have the time :slight_smile:

@RaaYaar, this looks fantastic. I have a few questions, though. What framerate do you get (and what are your computer specs? Is this intended for games or archvis? What are you planning for the future?

one of the highest quality assets, good job

Hey, thanks!

So, I did a quick test and here’s what I get:
Nvidia gtx 970, no overclocking, standalone game from editor, widowed at 1920x1080 → seems to be locked at 62 frames, doesn’t get higher nor lower :expressionless:
When I bump it up to 3440x1400 resolution of my screen, the frames are between 32 and 40. But at that res even just empty scene with skybox gives me 52 frames…

The terrain slows it down a little, because I set the tesselation way too high to show the ground in those close up shots. There’s no need to have it set this high in an actual game.

Yes, the pack is definitely intended for games, that’s the main reason why I went with modularity. The cliffs and rocks are actually the lightest objects in the scene.

For the future, first I’ll make sure I fix all potential issues with the pack. Then I’ll add another medium rock (have it half finished) and then I’ll see what are the needs of users. Maybe another cliff piece, some more detail overlay materials… I’m open to suggestions :wink:

Thank you!

Yes I think with a video demo of the modularity it would be an instant buy for me too. Lovely aesthetic.

Quick update, I added a video:

Beautiful work on these. :slight_smile:
I’m glad to see the rocks are all closed faced.
They all blend together so beautifully. Well done sir.

Lovely video like the stills, but I’d still like to see the modularity in action!