Modular Building Set [UPDATED]

----- PACK UPDATED 09/14/2015 -----

Hey guys!
I just submitted a Version 4.9 for the Building Set today as well as an update for the pack. Here are the release notes.

(ALL UPDATES go back to versions 4.7.6 / 4.8.2 / 4.9.0 in case you are using one of those versions for your game)

  1. Updated lightmap scale to decrease bake times and fix occasional crash issues with the Demo Scene
  2. Added clean PBR versions of the Metal Trim Tiling Textures and created material instances for them
  3. Added clean PBR versions of the Colored Tiles Textures and created material instances for them
  4. Various other small bug fixes to the scene.

Here’s a pic of the clean textures! Enjoy :slight_smile:

UPDATE - 2/19/2015

The update has been released everybody!!
Please go to the marketplace building set and re-download your files from there :slight_smile:
I want to note again that the scale of the assets has changed from the original. So you may experience some issues with scenes that you have already created with the old set unfortunately

Sorry about this again everyone, I was hoping to have had the update out sooner so that this issue would not be a problem for as many people, but you all know the story. Thank you again for the support and I hope you all enjoy the updated assets and new additions to the pack!


Hi everyone,

You may have seen my Modular Building Set on the Unreal Marketplace. I go by the name of PurePolygons.
I received many requests to allow for interiors in the buildings and so I have recently updated the pack to allow for the expansion into the interiors of the first floor of the buildings! I have just submitted the update to the team over at Epic who will hopefully have it up with the new photos and videos soon. Until then I am also posting some photos and videos here for all of you to see the new work that has gone into the pack. Feel free to ask any questions here or send me a personal email to

Updated** Youtube Video** Demonstrating the Demo Scene that is provided with the asset pack.

I have put a lot of time and effort into this update and I think you will all enjoy the changes that have been made to the building set.

New Technical Details of the asset pack list
Technical Details:

Set includes:

  • Demo scene to show variations of Assets and Material usage (Brand new Demo scene to demonstrate the assets)
  • First Floor Interior store fronts with LOD’s (Interiors are new)
  • 137 Static Meshes (25 more included than before)
  • 100 Materials (25 more included than before)
  • Parallax Window lights with fake interiors for night time use (Completely new)
  • 33 Decal Materials - From Rust, grunge, and even bird **** (Decal count included in Material Count)
  • Store signs, Chinese Signs, Dirt and Rubble Piles
  • Optimized Assets with an average of 140 Tris
  • Assets range between (2 - 1840) Tris
  • Average Texture sizes of 2048x2048 to give the highest resolution possible, with smaller textures and Decals at 256x256 or 512x512
  • Materials generally contain a Normal Map, Diffuse Map, Roughness map, and Specular Map

Here is the updated descriptions as well!

  • The building is ready for Interiors!! Currently it is setup to only support interiors on the first floor of the building as presented in the video and screenshots. I have not created any interior propping or polish assets for this pack. Everything was created using the tiling textures and assets that I have provided in the pack. I would still recommend purchasing an interior props pack to use this feature to its fullest.

  • The Set is already ready for night time scenes as well!! With a “lit interior” window material that i created, you can easily drag and drop multiple different lit up window materials onto the modular assets to create your night scene. The windows are emissive as well as using a “parallax” effect to give the appearance of a real interior that moves with the camera to liven up your upper floor windows!


Man when is this coming out???

if I buy this now does it have the ability to go inside the buildings now?

Can I assume that this will be an update to thous who already bought the package?

If so one word.


yeah wondering the same thing

It should be updated very soon, but I have not heard back from Epic yet since I sent this in unfortunately. I believe that yes, anyone who purchased this already will receive the update free of charge.

There was also an update to the scale of the assets, as they were originally created based off of an incorrect scale model. Epic is aware of the issue and I asked that a mass notification be sent out to alert those who have already purchased the pack, but they said that is not currently possible. So if you have already begun work with the previous version, the scale of the new assets will not match. I’m still waiting on a response from Epic, but hopefully they will release the update sooner than later.

As I mentioned also in the description, I have not created any interiors or interior assets. I have only created store fronts with doors to allow for interiors and the interior shown in the example was created with the provided materials and models. You will probably still want to either create your own interiors or purchase another pack for that. But it’s all ready for you all to do with the interiors as you wish!

I will update the thread again once I hear from Epic on a release date. Thank you all for your patience!

These are just beautiful.

Yeah but I want to purchase it right now but if you are unsure if the update is going to go out to people that bought it i will wait. I hope its soon its amazing lookng

Any news on this yet bro

Hi Uprentiss,

I have finally heard back from Epic that they have at least received the updated files and are in the process of updating the marketplace info. They haven’t given me a date as to when it will be finished, but it is at least finally in the works! So that’s good. Also, people who have purchased the pack will receive the update :slight_smile:

As i mentioned though, the scale of the assets will change, so just be careful that if you start working with the current Modular Building Set, your placement and scale will probably be off once you get the update. Thanks!

BTW: If you swap out the old meshes with the new ones everything automatically updates seeing as how the naming conventions are the same. I am not sure about huge cities or anything…

Ahh Great I am going to go ahead and buy it then. thank you for keeping up with this

I have been using the hero blue standard character as a default guide until i have my actual character created. I was wondering what guide or dimensions you followed to create the doors/entry ways to the buildings. It seems that the standard size character won’t be able to enter the buildings when collision is turned on. This leaves me with down sizing my character which I intend on utilizing the same rig, or manually scaling all the parts of the buildings? Thanks in advance!

Hi X.E.R.T.
I understand your concern. I mentioned in post #6 that I fixed a bug with the pack related with the scale of the assets. I have actually submitted this update back on December 17, but Epic has still not updated the Building Set in the Marketplace yet. This is very bad, because the longer it takes them to update it, the more people purchase this pack with improper scale and the longer people like yourself have to wait for the bugfix. I’m very sorry that you have run into this issue. I attempted to fix it as soon as possible only a week or two after the pack was released, but as I mentioned, unfortunately Epic has been very slow in communication as well as taking action to update the files that I sent to them. I’m sorry about this and I’m doing my best to continue to try contacting then to get this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

No worries man, thanks for creating such a nice art pack it is very good and detailed work you have provided us with. Hopefully Epic gets to it soon enough, looking forward to the interior and night time updates to hit my pc. Again thanks for your contribution to the marketplace, will wait for epic’s team to get around to pushing out the update.

I would like to note that the blue guy is a giant and should not be used for scale. The averal person is 5.2 to 5.5 and thats around 170 CM for a 5.5 person. The blue guy is about 300 cm maybe more I think i clocked him at 9 feet?

In which template did you find such tall guy? In third person, for example, he’s about 185cm high which is my height. But generally you should make the guy from scratch (even if you’re using the blue model) and give him the height you particularly need.

Rocket, hay that’s his name, is 192 cm tall in real world units making him 6 foot 2 inches which is on the high end of the <cough cough> average scale as a means of building stuff of relative scale.

The average high of a male in the US is about 5ft9in

Big or not the relative sale is the only thing that matters as to building stuff inside a box that does not understand size unless you tell the software to look at it in real wold measurements.

I bought this package when it was first introduced and was happy when it came out that the assets was under scale and would be corrected . No disrespect by why didn’t Epic catch this fact on their end?

As it stands I can’t make use of what I bought until the patch is released and should have been done the moment it was updated. No polite way of putting it but it’s a broken asset and I’ve been looking for the update every day