Modifying the FDragTool_Measure cpp file

I want to modify the FDragTool_Measure cpp file that is responsible for measuring distances in the viewport (uisng middle mouse drag)

What’s the best way to do this ?

  1. Download source , make the edit and rebuild the engine
  2. make a new UE c++ project, create a class , open vs studio and modify the engine cpp file from there and build the solution (this isnt working for me )

Thanking you,

If you’re trying to make changes to the engine, you’ll need the full source build.

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Yes it worked that way for me.
Is there an alternate way I can do this so I dont have to maintain a different engine build (outside of the one that ships with the Epic launcher) ?

Is rebuilding the engine the only way I can modify the functionality. Cant i derive a plugin from the particular cpp files and then have that over ride engine functionality .

Building the engine from source every time i experiment to make changes is such a time sink.

Thanks for your help though.