Modifying Face Mesh post-export

Hi fellows,

I have a rather simple naïve question about a use of MetaHumans:
Is it possible to export a full MetaHuman from Bridge with every detail except that we do not care about the geometry, and then modify the geometry of the face in UnrealEngine ?

If this is possible, does it break anything “baked” by the MetaHuman creation process, rendering, rigging, etc. ?

To explain the use case, if i have a scanned mesh of a head, i want this mesh to be the actual head (by for instance deforming the exported MetaHuman head), but with keeping everything MetaHuman creator actually created (skin textures, eyes, hair, etc.)

Thank you for your help!

You can modify the geometry of the face in other dcc 3d modelling app and then reimport to Unreal with everything working.
This is a workflow for Blender:


Oh Nice, thank you for the link.
I might try with Blender then if the workflow is not too complicated for my needs.

Exporting MetaHumans to UE4
Exporting the face mesh from UE4 as an FBX to edit (Blender, for instance)
Importing and deforming the mesh (without adding/removing vertices)
Importing the deformed Mesh to UE4 with everything working correctly.