Modifying Blueprint Properties with Sequencer

Hi guys, as the documentation in Unreal only refers to the same question but for Matinee (which will be deleted very soon) I wanted to add the same tutorial related to Sequencer… it would be soooo nice to be able to comment in the documentation of Unreal. That would make it so much easy to solve the failures it has by itself opening the door for community improvement. It takes a lot of hours to browse the forum, the answer hub and the deficient documentation pages… I had to open like 100 tabs and many youtube videos.

Original tutorial is here:

What you need to do in Sequencer:

1- Create your blueprint object

2- Make a variable public (integer, boolean, float, vector…)

3- Set the variable to be “Expose to Cinematics”

4- In the blueprint’s “Class Settings” you need to tick “Run construction script in Sequencer”

After that, you need to add the blueprint you want to animate to the sequencer you are using. Then add a track referring to the parameter you need to animate which you previously Exposed to Cinematics.

Hope it helps you! (at least it will help myself as this is the second time I stumble with this problem in a couple of years.)



the answer is in the body of the post

Thanks so much!

3- Set the variable to be “Expose to Cinematics”

You just saved me so much time!

Thank you so much!

Thank you, I never noticed that check button ''Run Construcction script in Sequencer" !! Thank you !!