Modifying Atmosphere Fog .usf file

finally, i did well to bent the landscape. and visually, it looks nice. i just playing the world position offset in the material.
But, when i add the atmospheric fog, it just looks weird. just like image below:

there is a big blank space below the horizon. and i think i could bending the atmosphere fog.
after so many experiment on atmospherecommon.usf and read the documentation of Eric Bruneton, the final went well, but im still not satisfied.
the image below is the result :

i dont know why the horizon glows so much. maybe anyone here has any suggestion if i did something wrong?
anyway, here is the changelog of AtmosphereCommon.usf

    RadiusGround     = 6360 
    RadiusAtmosphere = 6430
    RadiusLimit      = 6431
    Changed to : 
    RadiusGround     = 63 
    RadiusAtmosphere = 640
    RadiusLimit      = 641
    /// SECOND
    ViewPosition.z = (ViewPosition.z - View.AtmosphericFogGroundOffset) * View.AtmosphericFogAltitudeScale;
    Changed to :
    float OwnAltScale= 20.0f;
    ViewPosition.z = (ViewPosition.z - View.AtmosphericFogGroundOffset) * View.AtmosphericFogAltitudeScale * OwnAltScale;
    /// THIRD
    float3 ViewVector = WorldPosition - InCameraPosition;
    Changed To :
    float3 ViewVector = F - InCameraPosition;
    where F is Spherical World Material Function << its same function to make my landscape bent

i know its hard and complicated. but i just want to experiment for my educational purpose.
and maybe everyone can use it too.
sorry for attached link for image. tried many times to attach and fail

I’m also creating game of planets, but I think my problem is more like yours; I have this white line in the atmospheric fog there is a certain distance from the floor of the planet, I have tried everything else nothing works, any solution?