Modify world normal


In buffer visualization I can switch to World Normal. I would like to modify this world normal in middle of processing.
How I can achieve that?

You can’t modify it via a material if that’s what you mean. The buffer has already been rendered and will have already been used in other parts of the rendering code by the time it reaches the post-processing chain.

If you want to change the way World Normal is computed, you will have to modify the code which renders the GBuffers

So one way is to modify GBuffers code. What about post processing material? I can have access to world normal right?

from doc:
“UE4 uses the deferred shading path (e.g. DirectX 11 or high end OpenGL), we can get access to those buffers during post processing.”

So I can access world normal. Question is how I can apply changes done on world normal to pipeline.
As simple example I would like to:

  1. create postprocess material
  2. get any GBuffer texture like i.e normal map
  3. modify it. for example make it flat
  4. apply reset pipeline

I don’t know how to achieve point 4.

postprocess materials will allow you access the buffers but not modify them. you only modify the final view
I’ve been asking to be able to modify other buffers for a while now. would be useful for world-mapped full-screen effects, for example a rain wet effect

You can use a deferred decal material domain to write normals to gbuffer, but you can’t read from it at the same time. You would need a copy of gbuffer target that contains normals for that.