Modern Kitchen

Hey guys,

Just one more test with the engine. I’m trying to improve my lighting workflow for archviz.

Oh thank god - It is not the kitchen spammers.

Back on topic - This looks really good! :slight_smile:

That’s great, man… It’s a Vray quality archviz with no doubts!
Have you started trying messing with dynamic meshes for that furniture already? Do you plan to do it?

ps: I’m also from Brazil! So nice to see great quality projects like those of yours coming from here =D

Man these ArchViz projects are looking amazing! Fantastic work rafareis123! I want that kitchen for my house. Keep up the great work and I am very excited to see what you decide to tackle for your next project. Keep up the great work

Very inspiring, looks decent.

Looks great. Excellent detail on the shadows.

What did you use for the ambient light? Koola’s method?

That floor tiles Material is downright amazing! Love the interaction with the indirect lighting under the kitchen unit. You and Koola really help pushing me into trying out UE4 :wink:

I did use my own workflow. It´s pretty much like epic’s demo. You don’t need to change any .ini file or something.

Here’s the playable demo:

Could you explain that workflow further? More so in relation to the lights.

Might I recommend using or instead?
Its taking 2 hours for me to download as I do not have a premium account.

Those sites have uncapped downloads ( mostly )

Great work btw,
I really want to have a look at your materials they are astounding :smiley:

upload it to or google drive or sumthing

Hi Rafareis123, looks great, wonderful lighting. Really love the look of the drapes at the windows.

I hope you don’t mind if I ask a few short questions?

  1. What epic demo exactly are you referring to?
  2. What Lightmap Resolution did you give your mesh/meshes? (Because the default 32 is very low and Render times strongly correlate to the resolution)
  3. Did you import the whole geometry as one mesh with many submaterials and one big lightmap UV or many individual objects?

I’m referring to the architectural demo from Epic.

Lightmap’s resolution is about 1024x1024… small objects I used 256x256 or 512x512
I imported walls and floor as one mesh and then small objects each by each.

I placed the spotlights at windows. I thing the secret is in changing the indirect illumination values from each light. The color is also important to give more realism.
In “world setting” window, I changed the “static lighting level scale” to 0.15. This works like the “sample size” from vray’s lightcache. The building times will increase a lot, but the shadows from indirect illumination will be
more stronger and realistic.

Absolutely Gold Tips - Thanks for sharing these! I will take a look at the static lighting level scale parameter :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work :wink:

good job dude

Amazing lightin. All around great job!

As the result of a well-done job we can see this amazing working space.
Congratulations. :slight_smile:

Realy very inspired bij this and Koola’s ‘viral’ work, truly amazing :smiley:
So I decided to give UE a try, and I realy like the engine and especially the node based materials.
There’s only one thing I can’t seem to get solved … lightmapping, or at least how to get rid of the ugly splotches and artifacts on my inner walls.
I tried upping the lightmap resolution (even to 2048), spltting my object into different meshes but nothing seems to help.
Or am I doing something else wrong?

Btw my workflow is bringing stuff in from Lightwave (lightmap generated in LW with atlas mapping)

tried the answerhub but got no response there :confused:



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