Modern house in Germany

Hello! It my experimental work in Unreal Engine where I show interior and exterior at the same time with a system of change cameras, materials and plan.

This looks great DenisViz!

Beautiful work, really like exterior…

Nice all around. I love the fabric material and the uneven seams of the sofa.

Really great project!! :smiley:
I think there is too much chromatic aberration though… I like it to be very subtle, almost unnoticeable. But that’s personal taste :stuck_out_tongue:

Very impressive!

Very nice, could you share a bit more detail about your external lightning setup?
It looks similar to the UE4Arch Riviera House, did you use this as a foundation or start from scratch?

Keep up the nice work!

Excellent good complete project. Everything is there! Good job.

Nice project. Loved the exterior environment.

, I agree with you. I trying to do the minimum aberration, but…)))

Thank and , your article really helped me to make this project.

MeRuud, I used the standard lighting setup, only changed
Num Indirect Lighting Bounces- 80
Indirect Lighting Quality – 8
Indirect Lighting Smoothness – 0.6
And for interior I used Post Process Effects to increase light

I really liked Widgets Rafareis from UE4Arch Riviera House, so I programmed it, I hope he will not take umbrage.


It looks amazing - especially I love grass. Is it speedtree “Backyard grass” or sth different?

Great work!

How is everyone doing their sky’s? Looks great. Also, any good tutorials for landscape? I haven’t got that far yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice work! I really liked your direction overall- thank you for sharing

Jacubson, I took grass from speedtree “Backyard grass”

this is ****ing awesome.
please could you tell me how you did the glass material with these pretty good reflections.
i am working on a scene where i could need this very much.
problem is i have to get it done in the next 3 days ;-).
So if you could tell me the trick i would be very very glad !

kind regards

Most likely a faked reflection in the material, coming from a renderTargetcube texture!

Can you describe how that is done? Haven’t found a good glass solution yet, his looks good.

Everything is explained in 1st post of this thread :!

You can to see post with beautiful reflection of glass made by : External Archviz - Landscape and foliage studies - Architectural and Design Visualization - Epic Developer Community Forums

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