Model import to scene glows. Developer says it's a bug with unreal

When I import my models to session, they all have a glow to them. If I delete the model and then hit control Z, the model has the right lighting, but when I view the scene through a camera, the lighting is screwy again. Is there any way to fix this or alleviate this issue so I can move to the next part of my project and relieve this frustration. Any help or advice is appreciated.

Hi, this could just be an issue with the lights in the scene. The lights visible in the viewport are MOVEABLE lights but the scene looks like it’s using baked lighting (STATIC lighting). The characters you’re dropping into the scene will be picking up both the baked lighting and light from the moveable lights. See what happens if you disable the moveable lights. Maybe everything will appear as intended. Best of luck.

Thanks for the reply, but that didn’t work either.

Certainly seems like a bug (given that the lighting changes when you undo)

Basically a few things I would try (in this order):

  1. Make sure you have reflection captures in the room that are sized appropriately to cover the space. Exterior reflection leakage can cause issues like this. Smaller reflection captures will always be prioritized so you need to make sure they are sized appropriately for the room they are in. This seems like the most likely case honestly.
  2. Make sure your characters color/albedo map is set to use sRGB. If it is not set to sRGB, it will appear washed out. This seems unlikely in your case but it is work checking to be sure.
  3. If you built this scene using GPU lightmass, try rebuilding the lighting with CPU lightmass. GPU Lightmass currently has some issues with building the volumetric lightmap (which is what is used to light skeletal meshes). I’ve never seen this issue in particular but if the other two don’t work, it’s worth trying.