Model despawns when looking up (need help)

I need help with a very weird bug.

So i made 2 different weapon blueprints (one for a pistol and one for a desert eagle dual wield). the blueprints work fine, the gun despawns when picked up and is made visible in the FPS arms. If you press “Num 1” you switch from the normal pistol to the desert eagle dual wield. All of it works fine also the animations.

I made an enumeration to determine which weapon the player is currently holding. It is being used in the firstperson BP and in the fps arms anim BP.

For some reason the “WeaponStateEnum” enumeration doesnt act like a global variable which i thought it did.

Now the actual bug, when i pick up the dual wield desert eagles and look up, then down, the models despawn and the enumeration sometimes switches to the normal pistol for some reason. Even if you pick up the normal pistol afterwards, it doesnt appear. If you restart and pick up the normal pistol and look up, it doesnt despawn. So it only seems to be an issue with the desert eagle dual wield.
(Look at the images for more info).

(shitpistol = pistol)
(Agonizers = desert eagle dual wield)

Pistol pickup (in first person BP)

Pistol pickup (in Pistol BP)

Dual wield desert eagles pickup (in desert eagle BP)

Dual wield desert eagles pickup (in first person BP)

First Person Anim BP

Video example of the bug: here