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Hi all,

Mobility 01 Pack v2.5, it’s here!
Almost anyway, Mobility 01 Pack v2.5 has been submitted to Epic and will hopefully be on the Marketplace soon.

Link to our latest mocap shoot thread if you missed it:

Thanks for everyone’s patience, we’ve been creating the pack for multiple platforms simultaneously, a lot of work. We really ran out of time, so no controller in this rev. :frowning: Holiday break is upon us and we wanted all the current updates out this year for everyone regardless of stuff we didn’t get to, the St3vieB Steve Brown controller and possibly a few more animations will be in the next rev. hopefully in January.

Some update highlights:

290 total animations
Motion List:

Technical Details
Rev. 2.5 Update:
Unreal Engine 4.10

  • 124 animations added.
  • Diagonal Strafing, including back pedals.
  • Left and Right foot up Jumps, with pose and velocity matched end frames.
  • Stand and Turn to Walk/Jog/Run Forward in eight directions.
  • Crouch and Turn to CrouchWalk Forward in eight directions.
  • Transitions to Walk/Jog/Run are now all posed matched, for more seamless blending.
  • New Look-At aim offsets

FYI: The new Skeleton has two additional bones, “hand-l-wep” and “hand-r-wep”, for alternate attachments in upcoming Rifle and Pistol animations. They have no animation and can be ignored for this pack. They will not affect any animations not using them.
The extra “weapon” bones have always been in our MotusMan FBX skeleton, we’ve started implementing them in the UE4 SKMannequin since some have found them useful.
We left in all the original full length un-edited transitions/jumps, and added 124 new animations. We also edited existing animations so i.e. the end of stand-to-move transitions now have poses and velocity that matches the loops; perfect tile/blend into walk/jog/run, no pops. Steve actually had to back off on the default blending for those since it was messing with what was already spot on. Your mileage will vary in your setup of course…

Turn to crouchwalk/walk/jog/run forward animations are a big addition, and left and right foot up jumps. We did not get to split jumps (takeoff/airloop/landing) this rev., the list was getting huge and we had various opinions on the exact best way to do them. We’re saving them for a future rev.

Diagonal Strafing is in! 45’s and 135’s. There are also back pedal Left and Right strafes, which tie into the L/R 135(BL/BR) back pedal strafes.
Steve made a quick video explaining their UE4 implementation for those not familiar. The example shows the WIP Rifle motions, but the concept is the same for Mobility or any other set of back pedal animations. He apologizes for the audio, Santa is bringing him a new mic and webcam. :slight_smile:

Please watch here:

I also made a quick FYI highlight video of the updates, in lieu of making an official edited video of the new motions. Enjoy my ramblings:

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback and comments good and bad (the bad ones let us know what to improve), and to Steve and all our users/beta testers making all these updates and improvements possible.
Be looking for the Mobility 01 Pack v2.5 to hit the Marketplace shortly, and as always please let us know if you see anything that is off or needs to be fixed, or future features you’d like to see. Direct email to us is best but we’ll check the forums as well.

I will be out of town for the holidays as of the 13th and a mostly out of touch, so best to everyone!



I have 2 questions:

  1. you write that the update is for ue4.10, only 4.10 ?

  2. in your video there is a controller. is it includ in the package ?


Hi Jago,

  1. No, there is no controller this rev, I mention that in the post and my quick(long) video. Steve is working on the the controller now in 4.10 and hopefully it will be in the next rev soon.

  2. Good question, it has been submitted as 4.10 and Epic has always asked or suggested we submit in the latest UE4 version, so it’s officially for 4.10.

That being said, Mobility was first available as 4.7, 4.8, and the previous Mobility v2 was 4.9. The Marketplace and Launcher state it’s “compatible” with 4.7-4.9, yet the latest major v2 update wasn’t until 4.9. Does that mean v2 is also compatible and available for 4.7 and 4.8? Doesn’t seem so, I just tried “adding” it from my vault to a blank 4.7 project and it didn’t complain, but on opening all the folders appeared empty since it was loading the 4.9 assets which are not compatible, so their “4.7-4.9” statement seems incorrect, misleading.

IN ANY CASE, at the moment this rev is animations only so it is completely forward compatible and easy enough to cook a 4.8 version. (The next 4.10 rev with a controller will not be so flexible, and will be 4.10 only because it contains code)
I don’t want to confuse the Epic submission process in progress, so if I make a 4.8 version I will make it available to those who request it, okay? It could easily be “migrated” to 4.9 as well from there, or I could just make it 4.9 in the first place if that’s what folks want and need.

As I mentioned before, I will be gone for the holidays in a couple of days so I apologize in advance if I’m not around to take care of requests during that time.


Awesome news, thanks for your hard work guys! Looking forward to it!

Where be the 2.5 update…?

**Happy New Year!

Any of you wondering where the big Mobility 2.5 update is we announced a month ago…? We sure are.**

It has been a month since we submitted Mobility V2.5 to Epic with its many new animations and updates. We have not heard anything from a human being there since, just the initial auto response that the message had been received. After two follow up emails to them, still no human response and no sign of V2.5 on the Marketplace. We apologize for the delay since we announced the 2.5 release on the forum on Dec. 10th and expected Epic to release it sometime thereafter, but Epic support has gone dark and we have no idea what’s going on with the release.

As Shakespeare might have said: “Where art though Unreal Engine Marketplace Support?” :confused::frowning: Not good for us trying to get new stuff on the Market, and not good for you fine folks.


Please contact us directly with a copy of your original Marketplace purchase receipt: (we don’t get these records from Epic at the moment)
We’ll get you a download link of the updated pack directly from us.

For that matter, you can purchase and download the current full Mobility 01 V2.5 pack directly from us if you don’t own it already. All our UE4 packs are on our website as well.

Hopefully Marketplace support will get out from under its apparent back log at some point soon, but until then you can contact and deal with us directly if you like.


Hey Cris, sorry to hear you’re experiencing a delay in getting your update out. Have you tried PMing Stephanie or Reuben via the forums?

I have not! I have always spoken with Stephanie through , I will PM her today! Thanks for chiming in, I’d hoped someone would see this and point me in the right direction, thanks so much.

Happy to help. Good luck! =)

Mobility 01 Pack v2.5 is FINALLY here!

Mobility 01 Pack v2.5 is now on the Marketplace!

Huzzah! The long ago announced update is finally on the Marketplace, a quick message to Stephanie got it sorted out.
Current owners should get a message in their Library Vault there is an update.
As noted before this release is engine 4.10 (it says 4.7-4.10). if this is a problem for anyone I have a 4.8 version I put together which can be “migrated” easily to a 4.8, 4.9, or 4.10 project for that matter. Migrating backwards is the problem. Please contact us directly with your email receipt and we’ll get you a download asap. These are just skeleton and animation assets, and have always been forward compatible so far.


Quick reminder:
Major update highlights:
• 124 animations added. PDF motion list with descriptions:
• Diagonal Strafing, including back pedals.
• Left and Right foot up Jumps, with pose and velocity matched end frames.
• Stand and Turn to Walk/Jog/Run Forward in eight directions.
• Crouch and Turn to CrouchWalk Forward in eight directions.
• Transitions to Walk/Jog/Run are now all posed matched, for more seamless blending.
• New Look-At aim offsets
• FYI: The new Skeleton has two additional bones, “hand-l-wep” and “hand-r-wep”, for alternate attachments in upcoming Rifle and Pistol animations. They have no animation and can be ignored for this pack. They will not affect any animations not using them.

As always, please let us know any feedback or comments. Forum posts are cool, but direct contact at [EMAIL=“”] gets it in our helpdesk system and is easier to track specific problems/feedback.


Any update on your guys controller?

Steve has a prototype working well. It has a ways to go with needed additions and polishing, so hard to say when we’ll release it. We are really slammed right now with updating animations for other packs and producing new packs, so it hasn’t been our current focus. We’ll definitely post something when it’s getting close!

Are you guys planning on adding cover systems for your rifle set?

We’ve talked about it, but we have our hands full so it would be way down the line.
I’m actually trying my hardest to get the massive update for the Rifle pack done by mid February, fingers crossed. This would be with all the added diagonal strafing, L/R foot up jumps, stand>turn>walk/jog/run in all directions, etc. etc. we planned and shot back near Halloween. Beta testers have seen a bunch of it and digging it, but a lot left to finish, polish and package for completion. Please stay tuned and thanks for everybody’s patience.

Zombie gets the update treatment after that with hyper running and attacks etc., hopefully early March!

The shoot post with video and other details if you missed it:

Great to hear the zombies are getting near. Cant wait to see the additions in action. :slight_smile:

Is there any update on the root motion controller?

It’s still in limbo at the moment, sorry. :frowning: Between us focusing on getting other animation updates out and other matters it’s having to be on a back burner for now. There will the major Rifle update shortly and others following, more details coming.

No problem. But is there a development schedule / eta for this or is it prolonged indefinitely?

Definitely no set schedule or ETA. As we got further into it and working with St3vieB (an independent user) it became obvious a lot of polish and tweaking was needed and some added animations as well to make it something we were all happy with as a public release. There are a few more animations added to Mobility 2.6 including crouchwalk circles, left and right jog and run jumps etc., but more to be done. So “prolonged indefinitely” is a bit harsh since it is something we have in the works and plan to finish, but yeah no defined ETA either so no telling. Sorry for the “coming soon” in our older original posts, it turned out to be a lot more work than we realized to create a really good controller, kudos to those out there doing it.

Thanks for the quick reply and sorry, I did not want to sound harsh. It’s just good to know if there are schedules set for stuff so people can incorporate that into their own dev schedule. Thanks for clarifying and good luck with this. Making a good controller certainly isn’t an easy task.

One suggestion though: Maybe it would be better to start with a basic locomotion controller as a side project. For example you could sell your animations as you do now and make a baic controller available, for exaple as a git. That might encourage people to extend and share with the community. On the Unity marketplace Timm from Ootti sets a pretty good example with this: He sellls assets and set up a space, called the vault, where people can download additional stuff and contribute to these extra projects. These extras don’t work stand-alone, you need to buy the assets in order to use them. It’s more a like an extra open-source/community thing that requires a propietary asset (hope you get what I mean).

So maybe this would be more enganging way for the UE community to help, like starting with a super basic locotion controller and as people use it and iterate it, they can share back new stuff like jumps or different motion types like srafing, pivoting movements, etc.

Just saw on their website - that they offer starter and basic versions (less animations) for each of their pro animation packs at a lower cost. Great way to test out their animations.
For Motus Digital - just curious if we buy a basic pack and liked it, could we upgrade to the full pro pack at a price difference between the basic pack and pro pack?