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Hey morbidipus,

Thanks for checking out our site! Yeah, all our packs are there along with Basic and Starter versions to get your feet wet. We may be offering the smaller packs on the Marketplace in future, I need to check on that. Updates happen first on our web store so that’s a plus too. There is the huge Rifle 2.5 update and a Mobility 2.6 update available now on our site, it’ll be a few weeks before they are processed and on the Marketplace.

There was talk about an upgrade path, but I’m not sure what was decided and in place and how it would would work exactly. I’ll have to get back to you on that, excellent question.


Yes! You get a credit and discount when upgrading from Starter or Basic to Pro on our website!

We are working on an automated system so when you are logged in to your account the credit is applied at checkout, but that’s a ways off.
Until then, just contact us directly with your original order number and we will generate a coupon for the discount or credit the amount back. By making an initial purchase, you will create an account and get update notices for new available downloads, upcoming sales, and other useful stuff like being a listed user in our help desk system.


I’ve been following your work for some time and I remember reading that you were going to release parkour animations at some point in the not-so-distant future? My question would be if these will be added to the Mobility pack, the Ninja pack or if they’ll be in a pack of their own (which would make sense, considering many people who want parkour animations probably won’t necessarily have a need for some of the Ninja combat stuff, for example).

Yeah, “not-so-distant future” was more wishful thinking on our part, sorry bout that. A lot goes into taking awesome data and editing and turning it into a complete, cohesive and integrated animation pack/tree. We’re still working hard assembling major updates for the existing packs. Moving forward our idea is to make all our packs work together (a common connecting idle pose, etc.) so supplement packs (parkour, etc.) could work with any.

On the subject though, creating animations from the data that represents the awesome actor’s moves as captured is much faster. Cutting them up into small segments, looping, pose matching, etc. and creating cohesive motion trees is a huge amount of the work. As a mocap studio we typically delivered just great looking motion as acted, on provided characters, and the client’s team edited it all into what they wanted - be it cinematics or motion trees or whatever. We’ve done plenty of final edit work and game trees as well for developers, hence we got into making generic animation packs for UE4 and others, which is what most users on the Marketplace want and/or need.

If we put out a “pack” of unedited parkour moves - just the full length crazy jumps/flips/tumbles/climbing/etc. as acted - would there be any interest in that? Probably more appropriate for piecing together a cinema, but solid uncut movement to truncate/loop/assemble individual moves with UE4 or any other tools/software at your disposal.

Let us know if there’s any interest in solid but “raw” motion capture! It’s up to the user to implement as is, or massage into whatever assets they specifically need or creatively come up with. Everyone, sound off please.


As far as the raw content goes, there is definitely a market for it, however, I don’t think there would be much of a UE4 Marketplace market for it. I would put it up on your website / sellfy though. The reason is basically because with raw data, there will need to be some editing that needs to be done, and UE4 is not the “best” editing tool for this type of work. Motionbuilder comes to mind.


Any plans for non-human type of mocaps? Off hand I’m thinking of a demonic/undead human type of animation, but the arms/legs are disjointed, the thing walks on all 4’s, attacks with arms swipes, and the head is, well… yea… demonic horror games ftw?

Yeah, not much demand for “raw” stuff around here so far. Putting it on our main site though may be a good idea for small studios etc. that have been our type of clients in the past, worthy idea. And yes we are Motionbuilder power users, so yup lots of Mobu editing.

We do have some crrrraaaaazy psycho monster stuff we captured quite a while ago never did anything specific with - climbing on platforms, lunging, jumping down/up, manic behavior/attacks like a crazed animal/monster, on all fours for a lot of it. Hmmmm…

Ah, that’s a shame (it not coming any time soon, I mean) but I get that good results take time. And yeah, personally I would not have any use for the raw data as I don’t think I’d be able to turn that into the kind of assets I’d need. Thanks for the reply :)!

I just wanted to stop by and ask if there was any more progress on the Root Motion controller that St3vieB was working on for you guys? I sent an email inquiring about it a few weeks ago but didn’t receive any sort of response. He’s not very responsive to his channel so I figured I’d ask here -

I’m relatively new to UE4 and animations in general so being able to analyze a controller set up using your animations would be really helpful, even if it isn’t up to your quality standards yet. I don’t know if I can speak for anyone else, but the controller St3vieB posted on his YouTube 8 months ago looked pretty promising, and it can always be updated and reiterated when you guys add more animations? Could just label it an *alpha/beta blueprint example

Guess all I’m saying is that it would be really beneficial to have something working and in our hands at 70% capacity so we can dig into it a bit more. It would add that much more value to your product and allow others like myself to get a bigger head start.

Thanks! And keep up the awesome work on your animation sets!

It is the same version on our website as far as I know. Not sure what you are seeing as different…

The current packs are animation assets only and forward compatible. If the Launcher is saying it’s not and balking at letting you add it to a 4.13-4 project, it’s messing with you. You should be able to simply copy the assets into your project folder on your HDD. Also, the source FBX files are included and can be imported onto the current SK_Mannequin skeleton of any current version. If you are not familiar with the FBX import process email us directly and we’ll explain, or help with anything else. Please get in touch…

FYI we have a sample animation blueprint/controller for our Zombie packs as well as controllers for Rifle and Mobility under way (FINALLY, sorry for the long wait) some talented indie developers have been working on for us, so please stay tuned. Our Black Friday holiday sales and giveaways have started so please check out for more details.

Gobble gobble!


Thanks for the response. Fortunately, I got it working. I just needed to install 4.12.5 to add the assets and then move them over. Easy enough.

And stop temping me with these awesome deals…I’m trying to save money lol