Mobile Water/Ocean help

I’m trying to build an Ocean Material for mobile based on the Water Planes content example. The Ocean Material instance example is amazing, fully dynamic and customizable but once I switch to Mobile Mode I lose all the incredible waves, it becomes a flat plane with no transparency. Is it possible to get the heightened waves back in mobile and what techniques are there to fake transparency with mobile?

If not are there any guides on Mobile Water/Oceans that I could try to build myself? & If I wanted this Material to be on a single plane and have it seamlessly move in 1 direction to emulate a boat moving in the water how would I go about doing this? Thank you, its important that I figure this out.

Bumping this! can’t seem to figure it out. There is a certain Node responsible to moving a texture and I can’t seem to figure it out

I’m sure there is a good amount of interest in a good Water material for mobile so I’ll update if I find a good technique

Did you see the mobile water material tutorial on epic’s wiki? There is no up and down going on in there but still it looks pretty cool.

I’ll take a look, thanks! I’ll probably just end up coming up with a blueprint that scales the material blueprint as the boat progresses, if I can’t figure it out.