Mobile shadows break static lighting

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to get Mobile dynamic shadows working, and it looks awesome - great job - however I have problem and I hope someone can explain to me why this is happening.

Although Dynamic mobile shadows work, they seem to disable any baked lighting I have enabled in my scene (see the attached screenshots)

The lighting is set up as follows :

  1. Directional Light set to moveable - dynamic shadows ON.
  2. Skylight set to stationary - dynamic shadows OFF.
  3. Point light set to static.

Everything looks amazing except for 3. When viewed in the editor I see the Purple point light baked into my light maps, when I view on a standalone game I see the Purple point light also baked into my light maps. However on a mobile device or the Mobile previewer I do NOT see the purple point light, it appears that no static lighting is baked into the light maps.

Am I missing something obvious? I have mobile HDR turned on, and Metal turned OFF (I read in another thread this is a known issue with the skylight fill, as with metal on all shadows are pure black).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I observe the same with 4.6.0 preview.





Yes this is exactly the problem that I see. As far as I have been able to test these are the problems I have run into with dynamic lighting and shadow on mobile.
1 Dynamic light seems to remove any baked lighting from the scene.
2 The reflection captures do not work with a dynamic light in the scene, just come out black.
3 The only way to get any ambient light into a dynamically lit scene is to put in a skylight set to the stationary setting. The Static setting and mobile settings produce no ambient lighting.

I have tested all the above in the 4.6 preview as well.

Hello guys,

We are aware the Skylight for Mobile HDR is not functioning as it should. I have made the development team aware of the issue and we are working to have it resolved. We appreciate your patience and I will continue to gather information on this specific issue to try and find a work around.

Currently I am able to set the “Directional Light” to “Stationary” with “Static Shadows” and “Dynamic Shadows” enabled. Then within the “Pointlight” settings I set that to “Static.” And enable “Static Shadows.” I do realize this is not the outcome you are looking for, but your “Pointlight” does not disappear, and your lighting is baked.

I will also try and merge these forums threads and get them linked with this post for any other users experiencing this issue. Thank you again for your patience.

Hi Andrew, thank you so much for looking into this.

Not sure the workaround provided is much help though, by setting the Directional Light to stationary, dynamic shadows are no longer rendered, or am I missing the point?

Thanks for your help.

No that was also a point I meant to mention. I can solve the light rendering issue, but you won’t have your fully dynamic shadows. I know this is not your intended solution.

ah ok, thanks Andrew. Do you have any idea when this might be fixed? Is it likely to be available to the 4.6 release?

All I can say is that it has been made aware to the development team and they are currently working to resolve this issue. However, I do not have a set time frame as to when this will be resolved.

Again we appreciate your patience with this matter and ask that you look for the fix in our upcoming release notes of future builds.

Thanks again,

Thank you Andrew, your help is greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks and as always, awesome support from you guys.

You are quite welcome. We appreciate your questions as it helps us improve!

Hi guys, this is fixed on the main branch as of 2370047. It won’t make it for 4.6 unfortunately.

Thank you, awesome work as always!

I can’t accept this as the final answer, can you update the thread for me?

Thanks again.


I compiled some of the latest stuff from Git Hub to test out your fixes and all 3 of the problems I listed have been resolved. Everything looked great in the Mobile Preview. I was unable to test on iOS as I compiled from the mainline branch and things were a little unreliable. Although 4.6 is just out, I look forward to 4.7
Many thanks.