[Mobile] SCI-FI First Person Shooter

Hello there,

I’ve decided to make free first person shooter on Mobile and I will try to describe how I’m doing it here: http://shootertutorial.com

So I will try:

  • Create AAA game on Mobile,
  • Describe everything what I’m doing,
  • Hope to give a lot of tips and game production knowledge,
  • Get feedback and make the game better,

For now I’ve only small amount of assets / blueprints but almost everything is working smooth. I’m not a programmer or a graphics artist but I’ve couple of games using UE3 and I hope that some post will be helpful to others.

Really cool!

Are these screenshots from a mobile? The aspect ratio is a bit strange. Or is this from an iPad maybe? What FPS do you get?

Do you think mobile is a good platform for FPS games? I find even consoles to be suboptimal.

Anyway, looks interesting. A little bit like a mix of Dead Space and Star Wars.

Nice start, interested in seeing where this goes.

from ES2 emulator. Framerate will be low now. I’m waiting for Epic to be able to run the game on device from Windows to optimize everything. When I started to work on mobile with UE3 there was the same problems - on device 10 fps, but when I started to understand everything I was able to get smooth framerate without quality drop on device.

It depends on the controls. I’ve an idea for this but don’t want to talk before prototype.

I’m looking for sci-fi weapon but can’t find anything that is good looking and cheap. Maybe there is some graphics artist here who have sci-fi weapon in his portfolio that can share? The game will be free so I won’t get any benefits from using assets from someone. Anyone?

lets see how much detail you can squeeze in lol, are they modular or serperate or do you have any plans on optimizing the game for better fps

Okay, cool. Did you disable all post processing? In the latest stream (Tappy Chicken) they gave some tips on how to get better performance on mobile. I think there is also something in the project settings that you should disable. HDR maybe.

EDIT: Here’s the relevant part:

they are modular for now but when I finish will combine them. It’s using one atlas texture so there will be slow amount of draw calls. As for the optimizations I’m aiming only for hi end devices - nexus 5+ and iPad Air+, as for lower devices (ipad2, ipad3, galaxy s3) will disable post process and will bake specular/normal into the textures.

Thanks for the heads up! I have a lot of knowledge about UE3 Mobile optimizations - worked on Real Boxing and currently Hellraid: The Escape. Earlier I’ve worked on j2me/android porting and supporting something like 1000 devices. I know what I’m doing, but still there is lot’s of optimization to be made on Epic side. I have time and I will wait :slight_smile:

New post about assets - you can find out couple of great assets that you can use.

New post about creating prototype level

If it’s not a secret: how big is your team?

just me but don’t worry I’ve created games by myself earlier.

Another post about adding hands and weapons:

I’ve creaded Facebook Page for those who aren’t using Feeds and want to get ping about new posts.

That looks like it will be pretty cool

Great work, especially since you are a one person team! Screenshots look awesome.

Thanks! Today I’ll be adding effects to the weapon, and Tomorrow will create shotgun with bouncing projectiles. I’m getting lot of support from various graphics artists with free 3d models so it’s rollin’. Thank you Epic for releasing UE4 I’m having lot of fun creating the game.

First weapon polishing:


Looking really good, I’m also looking at unity asset store stuff to rapid prototype my project. Will be watching this thread/blog.