Mobile Rendering Roundup - Live from Epic HQ and Korea - July 7th

Jack Porter is back (via Skype from Korea) to talk about the awesome new rendering features available now in 4.12. He’ll be covering GPU particles, mobile shadow updates and much more! Then we’ll be discussing Vulkan and how to get started developing for a Vulkan-enabled device. Experience power of UE4 in the palm of your hand!

Thursday, July 7th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Jack Porter - Engine Dev & Support Lead

  • Engine Support Tech - ]()


I always appreciate any mobile news so I’m excited and can’t wait! Thank you :cool:

GPU particles :slight_smile: mmm…

No one for VR 360 perfect matinee render

Isn’t there an official plugin to render 360 deg. stereo stills/videos ?

In the previous twitch stream they said that with Sequencer is possible to do that, but not yet available.


Correct, 360 video is an upcoming feature to Sequencer. , Chen and confirmed it on a previous stream. They did not give an ETA though.

What are the names of the games showed at the end of the stream?