Mobile render issues?

Hi all, im pretty new with unreal engine… im having a render issue when i open the IPA in my iphone, cant see textures and the models are broken like the cortains! any one knows how can i fix this issue??

Hello Juampio,

The first thing I need to mention is that developing games for Mobile versus a Console or Desktop platform is more restricting when it comes to rendering in general. Due to current hardware limitations with most of the mobile platforms out now, the amount that can be rendered and the quality it will have will be a bit different and less so than if it were made for Console or PC.

With that said, the first thing I noticed about your scene is the ‘Aliasing’ stair-step effect along the edges of your objects in the scene. To smooth out your edges, go into your ‘Global Post Process’ settings and turn on ‘Temporal AA’.

The best way for me to provide you with the most effective and efficient information would be for you to read the documentation about development for mobile devices. This documentation is broken up into different sections that highlight the importance of optimizing your project so it runs as desired.

Mobile Development Documentation

If after reading over the documentation, you are still a unsure of how to fix your issue let me know and we can try a few different solutions.

Thank you,

It could be your material you have applied and not the actually geometry itself. You might have to give the documentation a solid read to figure out what it could exactly be.

Okey, thanks, i will try this for de antialising. the problem with cortains… can be a problem of a lot of polygons and unreal automatic delet them?

Okey, thank you! i will read it !