Mobile reflections disappeared


I had nice reflections on my pawn until I created the blueprint from few elements I had in the world. Then the reflections disappeared and after some research I found out that only static meshes can be reflected, so I again placed those meshes(separately, not the blueprint I had created) in the world. But now I do not have any reflections although I made all of the meshes static, and they show up when I set my pawn mesh static(and even then they are hard to see). What is going on? I had reflections and now I do not and everything is identical as before.

p.s. I only get black reflection in the mobile preview and when I launch on the iPhone.

Have you checked out the reflections docs yet? Here is a link to them so you can read more about them.

Also keep in mind that when deploying to mobile things might not work the same as the do on your PC as mobile devices are not as powerful as PC’s.

I did. Reflections worked fine before, even when deployed on the mobile device until I created the blueprint out of static actors from the world. Then they turned black. So I deleted the blueprint and placed those meshes again but the reflection stayed black.

Did you try re-building your reflection cube actors by either pressing the re-capture button or by re-building the level lighting?

Of course. What I noticed is that when the mesh is set to movable - it wont reflect at all, when set to static it will reflect just a tiny bit(reflect other meshes on itself, not be reflected).

I made a new project and a simple reflecting material. The reflection quality is very bad, almost like there isnt any reflection at all. It seems that the mobile reflections are bugged with the new update

Can you please post this problem to Answer HUB with screenshots of what you are seeing and your assets setup. This way we can get this into tracking if it is indeed a bug.