(Mobile) Problem Movable Point Light

Why does light pass through the cube?

It seems that light completely “ignores” the cube, and affects all the actors within the attenuation radius

-(Android open gl es 3.1 preview)


How is the light different in the 2nd photo? was it changed to static or something else?

This is in the docs, saying that if the attenuation radius extends beyond geometry, then the lighting / shadowing is going to get rendered on the other side of the geometry too. I don’t understand why it works that way. I mean, why is it not corrected so it’s not affecting geometry that’s blocked by other geometry, such as a wall inside a room blocking the point light from affecting what’s outside the room?

I think mobile doesnt support movable spot/pointlight shadows, and stationary shadows. Correct me if im wrong. Also, most if not all your lights should be static, especally on mobile.

Read the paragraph after those first two, immediately above “Translucent Shadows” and the fully lit scene photo: