Mobile post process: how do i do Cel - shading/Toon - shading

How do i do Mobille Cel - shading/Toon - shading if mobile (ES2/ES3.1) can’t work with scene texture which builds the whole point of the shader???

Well you could use an workaround by creating a cell shading look on per material basis.

For a lit material:
[Look at this Thread][1] (post 7)

Since you’re developing for mobile, I recommend the use of unlit materials to save a lot of shader instructions
The method for unlit materials:

Thank you very much, this is exactly what I wanted.

This is awesome. I’m looking to do something like this on oculus quest, but I want to do a day night cycle so I’ve been banging my head about how to do this, with shadows, with unlit materials in forward render. Hoping to get something similar to Ultimate Spider-man.

Have any thoughts on this?