[Mobile] Noise on materials


I’m new in UE4 and I’m creating a project for mobile. I’m currently testing on Android.
I’m aware of most of the rendering problems on mobile but I get some artifacts that I don’t understand and don’t how to solve it.

Instead of text, an image :

As you can see, there is a kind of white noise on some parts of the closet and the furniture near the bed.
The noise is moving, like old TV without signals.

This artifact only appears on mobile, neither on PC nor on Mobile Preview.

I think that the problem could come from the material but it’s the same that is used for the floor and as you can see, there is no problem with it. I replaced the wood material with the one used on the bed and the problem disappears, so I really think it’s a problem material/reflection but I cannot find more clues.

Here is the wood material used for the furniture :

About reflections :

  • there is only one sphere reflection at the center of the room, just over the bed
  • I tried to enable/disable screen reflection post process effect, setting the intensity to 0 or 100, but the artifact remains

I hope that you can help me ! Thanks for reading !

Well, I continued to search and found that I had to set a value (whatever it is) to “Metallic” to remove the noise.
Problem fixed :slight_smile: