[Mobile]: Mobile texture workflow

I have a bunch of source textures that our team has been using in development of a mobile game. We eventually plan on making a PC version. Therefore, my textures are between 2K-4K in size. I know the current limit on mobile textures is 2K. When you package your final game, do textures that are larger than allowed automatically get compressed to a reasonable size? Is there a way to control this without having multiple copies of the same file in low resolution and high resolution forms? I assumed there would be some sort of feature within UE4 that would allow you to limit the size of a texture file easily without altering the source. Of course, there may be one and I could have missed it.

Thank you for your time.

I think the way to solve this is with the TextureGroup LODBias setting. You make a platform-specific override DefaultEngine.ini and add stuff like this to it:


Setting the LODBias to 1 or 2 for mobile. A bias of 1 drops down from 4096->2048. Now I can’t remember exactly where the file has to be or what it has to be named for this to work.

Is it also possible to do this in the Device Profile in the Developer Tools, because it is not working and your solution to type the text in DefaultEngine.ini is not working