Mobile : how to control brightness?


I am trying to figure out what affects mobile brightness if you do not use any directional lights.

I have a post process volume.

The difference between pc and mobile is significant.
Left is PC and Right is mobile.

I am not sure if this is an engine limitation or where the tricks are that is required to make the ES2 preview look like the pc preview.

I only have static lights in the scene.


Simple way to control brightness by post:

Trying to do that on all materials is a bit overkill.
Even if it wasnt… doing that immediately crashes the editor.

I also followed the other advise. RTFM.

Which then i discovered that auto exposure is not supported on mobile. But BIAS is. I now have better brightness.
Its a bit tedious because a lot of the materials will now be either super bright, or super dark.

Meaning i have to adjust every texture accordingly.

If there are some clever ways of controlling the look as close as possible to what you see on pc, i would appreciate those tips.