Mobile HDR on Gear VR does not work: S7 & S6

Mobile HDR still does not work on Gear VR with 4.12 (P3). The app never seems to complete loading (both in the Gear VR and on Gear VR developer mode).

It works via a default android export (no Gear VR) just not when exported to Gear VR. Could we get this fixed / working in 4.11 for both S6, Note 5 & S7 devices so we can make our games stand out in the Oculus store?

Here is a dead simple project where the error can be reproduced: hdrtest_example_project

FYI: Actually occurs on all versions of the engine

Hi aussieburger,

Mobile HDR is not supported for Gear VR, please see:

This is not a bug.

Ah ok sorry - posted this after someone on this thread indicated it was working: