Mobile graphics

Hello guys

I have been checking some android racing games and their graphics quality is pretty good compared to unreal mobile graphics. I found out that they use customs engines for these games(Perfect shift uses its own engine, Real Racing also uses a custom engine). FPS seem to be ok too, around 25-30fps I believe. I have been trying to reach that quality with unreal engine but I wasn’t able to. Is it possible with UE4 or should i use a custom engine? I know UE4 is heavily tailored for desktop so maybe mobile is not up to the task for this?

Thank you for your time.

Which out-of-the-box things are you struggling with in Unreal? And would you have the skill/resources to use more custom software? Mobile is definitely hard to develop for, and I agree that Unreal puts out mobile apps that are a bit bloated.

Hi StephaBon,

First of all thanks for the reply.

Well perhaps I’m not that experienced with UE4 yet but lightning seems to be the first culprit. Even with lightmass and baking I cant really get the lighting I want. Another thing is reflections, i cant seem get them work on mobile, all those I mentioned games have replections working which makes a big difference on rendering I believe. Another thing is mobile shaders. I have tried the Car shader tutorial(based on the marketplace asset) but I cant really get it to work as efficient as possible and also looking good at the same time. Everything looks pretty good on Desktop without doing much but when I render for mobile everything breaks basically.

I pretty much disabled everything(PP effects vs…) so frame rate is not a problem yet(I’m on adreno 330 which is supposed to be a high end device) but then again I don’t have much going on on screen. I’m basically trying to add things one by one to improve the look but perhaps i have to fake somethings(I dont know what things to fake :))… It just seems that maybe I’m trying to do things that are not simply possible out of the box with UE4 and I have to get my hands dirty and code it myself.

I’m going to keep trying and hopefully find ways to improve but I was just wondering if I’m beating around the bush when it comes to UE4 and mobile, and certain things are limited the way they are and not possible without customizing the engine for a mobile racing game(good looking one that is)…