Mobile - Global lighting


Im trying to light an almost 100% dynamic scen on mobile and as Ambient Cubemap and Sky Light is unavailable on mobile devices.

Right now I have set it up with Directional light but that leaves the other “side” almost completely black. Is there a way to incress the overall light in a sceen without Ambient Cubemap and Sky Light?

I was thinking of just adding a small value to the emissive input on the materials, but that might not be the most optimized solution for the task I’m trying to do.

I was hoping someone had any other ideas?

Movable skylights are supported on mobile in 4.5, however they don’t get shadowed by anything. Movable directional lights are also going to be supported with 2 cascades of dynamic shadows.

Hey Daniel, thank you so much for implementing this! Have been using it all day (not on a mobile game, but a PC game), and it works great!!! :slight_smile: