Mobile friendly material with diff/norm/spec and emission ?

Are there any tutorials on how to setup mobile friendly material with diffuse/normal/spec/gloss and emission maps (and I’d like to animate RGB on emission map to make glowing elements pulse/etc.) so that this material can be used for baking directional lightmaps and have minimum amount of drawcalls?

For example Unity 5 has mobile materials that are super fast on mobile devices. These are diffuse only, diff+norm, diffuse+norm+spec (although there is no emission maps for mobile in Unity 5). So I am looking for something like that for UE4.


No one works with mobile platforms nowadays ?

Check out this and these GitHub 2015 | Unreal Engine - YouTube videos.

It hasn’t even been a day since you started the thread, try & wait 4 days before bumping. There are plenty of things such as live streams that talk about mobile optimization: Mobile Development | Feature Highlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Thanks a bunch!

Here’s a great tutorial on mobile materials.
The good news is: If you only use the bits you suggest, it Just Works, allegedly.
(Also pay attention to the “custom UVs” section – if you want to do anything to UV coordinates, you should do it in the vertex shader, following those instruction)