Mobile development for Google VR (I need some help please).

Hello everyone, im new to mobile development and im trying to learn but im having trouble when running it in my cel phone. Im using Sony Xperia Z3 for testing with Android 5.0 so on minimum SDK version and Maximum SDK version im using 23 as well as in the API LVL under Android SDK configuration.
My problem is that i run it ok in my cel. phone but it seems not to recognize the cel. phone Gyroscope cuz i cant look around the scene, it seems like my camera is frozen looking to the ground forever (as displayed in the picture bellow). I cant find any issue related to this problem on internet ive been searching around for 2 weeks already. Does any good soul here would like to try to help me on this?

Two things:

  1. Check that you have this option checked in your project settings: Configure Android Manifest for Deployment to Gear VR
  2. Make sure you don’t have any conflicting VR plugin enabled. You only need the Oculus VR plugin to deploy to Gear VR.