Mobile - Desktop communication, Mobile as controller

Hello there,

I want to implement the following in UE.

I have a Mobile UE app mostly based on UI widgets. I want this app to be able to:

Search for a desktop in the local network.
Ask the desktop to launch a level selected by the mobile app.
Ask the desktop to modify asset levels based on a save game related to the level, stored in the mobile app.
Use the mobile app to visualise in real time several assets used on the desktop level and influence them.

For example, if there is a door on the level running on the desktop, I want to be able to open it by pressing a button on the mobile.
Then, I want to save the state of this door in the mobile app. And restore this state next time I launch the level on the desktop.

Does it look doable?
Does the mobile app can be used as a server, and at the same time, run a graphical UI?

I’m just searching for tips her: which type of class may I use for this? Is it doable with blueprints only?

I hope I’ve been clear, my English is basic, sorry for that.

Thank you!

After a few reading, I can reformulate my question more simply as:

Do two different projects can communicate using the normal client-server UE workflow?

If not, is it possible to implement this in c++?
Something like, on both mobile and desktop, every X ticks, gather all monitored variables, JSON them and send them to the other side.
I’m ready to code a small protocol, but I want to be sure it is not doable more easily.