Mobile Anti Aliasing

Hi, I am band new to UE4, coming from Unity. I need to create a mobile architectural visualisation. I have created a blank project with starter content and ran it on a device. My question is can I increase the quality of the anti aliasing. I have set all the Engine Scalability Settings to epic and tried both TemporalAA and FXAA set to 400 in the Global Post Processing Volume. It seems like whatever changes I make does nothing. I even turned off the Global Post Processing AA and added a PPV around one of the items with AA turned on and I couldn’t notice a difference.

Here is a screen shot from my device: iPhone 6, Engine Scalability = Epic, GPPV: TemporalAA = 400, Metal enabled

The overall rendering quality is really **** for the default scene, what do I need to do to increase it? Any good tutorials on enhancing mobile rendering quality?


So I just found this here: Mobile/PostProcessEffects

“Screen Percentage” is unsupported. Only the 100.0 setting works. “AA Method” supports “None” (the fastest) and “TemporalAA” which provides a special mobile temporal AA which provides something around 2xSGSSAA with a little bit of judder in motion. Postprocess materials (through Blendables) are not supported on mobile.

Surely this is not as good a it gets in UE4?

You need to setup your device profiles. Increasing r.MobileContentScaleFactor will also increase your resolution.

did you find a solution? iam stucking at this point.
maybe you want to post any tips?


Hi guys,

Did you find any solution please let me know.