Important Note : I don’t have MAC so I don’t know how to compile project on MAC.

I have started to develop MO-RPG Kit

I use only blueprint for this kit.
Compatible with UE 4.7.3

This Kit will be included :

No third-party solution without 1 plugin of Unreal which is free to use… ✓
Login System ✓
Player Creation and Selection ✓
Teleport System ✓
Shopping ✓
Advanced Item System (%50)
Advanced Spell System (%75)
Advanced Effect System ✓
Advanced Character System ✓
Inventory, Equipment and Looting System ✓
NPC and Mob System(✓) with AIs
Combat Logs ✓
Chat System
UMG User Interface ✓
Simple Localization (Developed by Me) ✓
Working with MYSQL Database ✓
Everything is controlling by Server ✓

After Finish thats I will add :
Launcher and Updater
Social System(Add Friend etc.)
Party and Guild System
Advanced Quest System
Advanced craft and profession system(Crafting and Gathering)
Map and MiniMap System
Maybe Basic Building System(House and Environment)
Upgrade and Open Slot and Add Stone to Items

I will share update with you in near time … Have a nice days…

If you want to something in this kit say me pls…

There are some photos in next post… I will take a video in near time.

I’m not designer, when you buy kit, change textures :slight_smile: I will add drag&drop.

Digital Content Withdraw

I’m not a designer so I used Evil’s Crossblade GUI element for design. At characters screen you put Create Character image to big white regions and some other image to small white regions as character profile image. At character creation scren put classes’ and genders’ images to white regions.

This is fully localized with 4 language now but I used google translate for DE and RUS. You could localize it to your language easily without right to left languages.

There is basic AI photo :

Finished teleport system and near to finish shop system, I will add only repair item function. User Interface need some visualization, sorry for that :slight_smile:

Note : LReq mean localization required. I will localize all logs in near time, don’t worry :slight_smile:

Some settings and I will add key bindings in near time.

1 more screenshot from battle logs and using potions, buff spell, bolt spell and heal spell.

There are 4 screenshots for Equip Helmet, 2h weapon , 2x 1h weapon and 1h weapon + shield . Have a nice days …

** I will write AoE Spell system and chat system, after that we will be ready for pre order.**

Very good idea to not add the “massively” M to your project. This can be really useful for some games meant for small groups of friends to play together, or instanced mmo.

Yeah; because I know MMO’s server side and this is not basic and not easy to control :slight_smile: And unreal’s networking is not enought for massively games. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

Features look really good at the moment. I’m really interested to this. Waiting for updates.

Thanks a lot. I will take a video in near time and you will see details of features.

3 SS from Weapon tooltip :

Wow! Can’t wait to see this finished! Keep it up!

Need some more time to finish it :slight_smile:

Introduction to Item System’s video is coming soon. I’m not designer, when you buy kit, change textures :slight_smile: I will add draggrability and set dragged item’s position to mouse, don’t worry…If use right click to equipment or items this work but I will show it in other video… If you right click to potion, use it, click to equipment remove equipment, click to inventory item, equip it.

Spell’s particle system is ready now, I will share video in short time…

1 SS From Teleport Gate. You will change the model. Used 50+ Vector Fields particle.

I deleted the video. I will add new video(s) in short time.

This looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

Thanks a lot. Need some more time to finish. I’m waiting for buyers. After release, price will be 2 times of now :slight_smile:

There are 4 ss from spellbook. Mouse Hovered Spell shown at right side…

3 More SS From SpellBar Spell’s tooltip

This looks a lot like what I was looking for.
Quick question: Can you put both weapons and spells in the hotbar? Or is that limited by class?

This is limited :slight_smile: Because weapon class derived by BaseItem but spells derived by BaseSpell class.

Somewhere down the line I imagine they share a parent class … could you try making the hotbar accept anything that’s that particular parent class?

I could do but; I don’t think to do it now, because it is a special request. I didn’t see it in any rpg game. If buyers will want it we could think it. Or, after buying kit; buyer will contact me and we could think about this cost; because I have to change some architechture of kit for do that. :slight_smile: