I have started to MO-RPG Kit

I use only blueprint for this kit.
Compatible with UE 4.7.3

This Kit will be included :

No third-party solution without 1 plugin of Unreal which is free to use… ✓
Login System ✓
Player Creation and Selection ✓
Teleport System ✓
Shopping ✓
Advanced Item System (%50)
Advanced Spell System (%75)
Advanced Effect System ✓
Advanced Character System ✓
Inventory, Equipment and Looting System ✓
NPC and Mob System(✓) with AIs
Combat Logs ✓
Chat System
UMG User Interface ✓
Simple Localization (Developed by Me) ✓
Working with MYSQL Database ✓
Everything is controlling by Server ✓

After Finish thats I will add :
Launcher and Updater
Social System(Add Friend etc.)
Party and Guild System
Advanced Quest System
Advanced craft and profession system(Crafting and Gathering)
Map and MiniMap System
Maybe Basic Building System(House and Environment)
Upgrade and Open Slot and Add Stone to Items

I will share update with you in near time … Have a nice days…

If you want to something in this kit say me pls…

Will this be free? If not how much will it be.

I think about 150$ - 200$ but %50 off for pre-orders and all updates will be free.

If this much system will be and if this much system will be easy to edit then there you go. Take the money.

I hope it will be and you could edit eaasy :slight_smile:

I finished in 2-3 days with some working
Character System with vitals, skills, regenation, give point etc.
Log System

I have started to Item System. All "item, inventory, equipment systems’ " codes are ready in c++ but I will do it with blueprint :slight_smile:
and I wrote MOB System with AI. But I have some problems with AI. I m working on it.

So question - Would you mind posting some screenshots showing this in action?

I could share screenshot but screenshots couldn’t show this kit’s functions :slight_smile: I think video is better…

I would like to know how you are going to make the login system. You mentioned that you are going to use mysql database, so how can you do this inside blueprints? Also the “Launcher and Updater”, will it be a separate application? If yes in what programming language? Finally what about servers? Can you be more specific? Is it Unreal’s dedicated server or a third party such as Photon? What about performance, how many clients can handle at the moment? Ouf… a lot of questions… I know… but I will be grateful if you can specify those things!:slight_smile:

It is a MO-RPG kit not MMO so I use vaRest plugin for that. In normally I will use RakNet for my main project. Launcher and updater are seperate application. Launcher updates the game client and start game but updater will update only launcher. You could use unreal dedicated server. I have started near time. I will try server’s performance with stress tests.

Finally I’m about to finish login and character creation system. I don’t add character customization now. I’m not a designer so I used Evil’s Crossblade GUI element for design. At characters screen you put Create Character image to big white regions and some other image to small white regions as character profile image. At character creation scren put classes’ and genders’ images to white regions.

This is fully localized with 4 language now but I used translate for DE and RUS. You could localize it to your language easily without right to left languages.

Tell me, what you want in this pack.

I’m sharing some photos from login, charcter selection and creation screens. Have a nice night. Video will be here in near time…

There is basic AI photo :

I’m near to finish item, inventory and equipment system. When I finish Teleport, Shopping, Item, Inventory, Equipment, Looting and Chat System, I will share video(s) and pre-order will be activated for a short time. Have a nice days …

Finally,fnished teleport system and near to finish shop system, I will add only repair item function. User Interface need some visualization, sorry for that :slight_smile: Have a nice night…

Note : LReq mean localization required. I will localize all logs in near time, don’t worry :slight_smile:

I keep getting an invalid attachment with that link :frowning:

I re-uploaded image :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

This is… nice. Good work sir.

One thing I would add is Settings (audio, graphical, interface/bindings). Also, if I could request an interesting setting… dynamically changing screen percentages based on current framerate (Auto Framerate enhancer) or allow the player to set it manually. This, of course, would be for VR :wink:

I think adding audio and graphical setting which includes in editor for example anti aliasing, shadows, textures, effects etc. bindings could be added, too. Thanks a lot.

Nice work, seems interesting

keep up the good work

Nice work, seems interesting

keep up the good work

Thanks a lot … Have a nice day.

I added some settings and I will add key bindings in near time. Have a nice night :slight_smile: