MNSI - Adding Sound To Physics - V1.0

Feast your eyes!
On this!

MNSI is a system that allows for an easy and user friendly way to add sounds to physical interactions. Think how Half Life 2’s physics had sounds.
It has been a long pet peeve of mine that there was no way to make my box play a sound when it hits a stone floor, and a different sound when it hits a piece of metal.
So I set out to create one.

MNSI offers all the good things one can expect from a general audio solution.

  • Light and heavy Impact sound events based on material.
  • Roll and friction sounds based on material.
  • Relative correction. A box placed on a moving elevator won’t play friction sounds despite moving in world space.
  • Support for Skeletal meshes.
  • Roll Vs Slide correction. A car wheel spinning in place can play a screech sound, and that sound can change to a normal tire on asphalt roll sound when it starts moving the car.
  • Multi-Component support. A single prop can be made of multiple materials.
  • A sound node like sound library for better organization.
  • Sound interaction libraries that are external to the blueprint.
  • Various performance optimizations and the ability to create Sound detail levels. Some props can be made to have less detailed and less often updated math, while other props can be made to make more checks and update faster. For example. Debris don’t need speedy updates, but a fast car would need more updates per second to play proper physics sounds.
  • Many workarounds to fix various freakouts of the Unreal physics engine.
  • Dynamic Parameters passed to sound cues allow for even greater detail and control over the sounds being played.
  • And most importantly. Documentation. MNSI - Mischys Awesome Wiki

For reference. This is a video of a game that was made using the MNSI system. ((Disclaimer. This demo is not available for download and is not part of the MNSI market place package. It is merely an example of what Can be achieved when MNSI is used in a game.))

The Market place offering comes loaded with the core math and blueprint component, as well as a basic sound library of 260 high quality sounds I recorded myself from 14 object types including bullet shells for the FPS game devs out there.

This is a video showing every sound object type.

It also has smooth jazz playing. Which I consider a bonus.

So, with that said, weather you’re making the next Half-Life2 game or the next stealth Metal Gear solid and need your thrown bottles to play sounds distract guards, head on over to the market place and get your copy of MNSI at the low low price of just seventeen thousand silver pieces. … I mean 70 bucks.
Download Link >…und-to-physics

All projects that use MNSI can get their special place in the MNSI hall of fame.

If you’re making an awesome game with MNSI, and want it featured in the hall of fame, drop me a line. I can’t wait to see what people achieve using this plugin.

Note: As this is the first release of MNSI. It can be expected that some issues may have prevailed mine and the Marketplace’s heavy quality assurance tests. For any bug reports and issues, check the documentation page MNSI - Mischys Awesome Wiki - Or send me an email with your grievances.

More updates on the plugin;

It can now differentiate angular versus linear motion of bodies.

Useful if you imagine a car tyre’s sounds when it’s rolling along normally and the sudden screeching if its angular velocity drops but it keeps moving forward for a bit trying to come to a halt.

Since I want to post updated every weekend, this also means I don’t get to not have bugs :stuck_out_tongue: So you also get to see it bugging out when the physics prop is moved via some other means. It still thinks it’s rollin. Nothing that can’t be solved though. Next week I’ll turn the friction function into a more relativistic version and all my problems will be gone.

New developments. After nearly entirely breaking the plugin I finally got relativity to work.

Now a physics prop placed on a moving platform will not play its friction sounds when the platform moves. Sounds dumb stupidly simple. It wasn’t.

Newest video.

Imagine my face when after two weeks I finally managed to remove all dependency on the On Event Tick node.

Nothing happens on Event Tick anymore And it never will.


Look at that sad node all alone. Heh heh… Heh.

This means that now when simulating 1000 physics objects all interacting with this plugin attached for each one, the frame rate went from 20 to about 80.

I’ll post performance comparisons later. I just wanted to share my joy.

2 months after I started this project, I’ve nearly solved 90 percent of all the problems it posed.
Here’s two progress update videos.

Wow, awesome project!
I’m doing physics stuff and I would very much want to see this plugin on the marketplace.

The sounds are a little bit noisy, is that because of the sound sample, or because of how it’s played back?

In the last video, when the rocks fall, there’s a high pitch noise. Could you remove/diminish that somehow? I think it’s cause by the volume of the friction sound of the rocks with the ground.

Looking forward to more updates!

PS: I like your two passions in life. :slight_smile:

Yay, a single person shows interest 3 months after I started work on this! Yeah I noticed the sound issue too, once I make the custom sound class with its own logic and record some high quality sounds myself, I am confident it’ll go away. I’ll be posting more updates soon.

Not sure why people aren’t more interested. It would be great to have this.
I’m thinking it would be great for adding tire screeching sound. :slight_smile:

Tire screeching is actually already possible Tire screeching versus normal rolling tyres are already implemented, I’ll soon make a larger presentation video.

Don’t be discouraged! I’ve been quietly following this for awhile, I’m sure others are too!

Keep on doing this wonderfull tool! You have a future client here :wink:

This looks awesome!

I’m really happy to hear responses! I am working hard to reach the next milestone.

Any updates on this?

Indeed there is. I prioritized working on this over making posts about it, but I need to change that strategy.
Added 2 new videos of the current build of this plugin.

No release date estimation yet though. I don’t want to make a promise I acn’t keep.

What I Can promise though is that I Will release it :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the price going to be for this one?

Ah, that sounds awesome! Don’t give up on this, it would sell like hot cakes on the marketplace!
Impatiently waiting for more updates…

Never said I plan on giving up.

As for the price. I still have rough ball park figures I came up with after studying the pricing of other market place assets.

It’s really a matter of, how much do I value this and how much can I reasonably expect people who want physics sounds in their games to value this system.

As it stands now, without any group research;

Base logic set with only the plugin PB would be about 50 USD.

Full pack with the sound library ready to use out of the box, might go for 100 USD.

And afterwards, I’ll continue making sound libraries tailored to work specifically with MNSI out of the box for the sameish prices.
As well as continue to support MNSI.

In my case a Sound Library means Light, Hard impact + Roll and Linear Friction Sounds with the Struct Library to load in your MNSI and Physical Material Assets with the proper naming convention.

I am open for critique on the pricing. I have yet to do peer reviews of this with my focus group friends who make games.

If works as planned, easy to implement, robust and above all performant, will be a no-brainer buy from me. Hope all goes well. John

My thoughts exactly!