MNSI - Adding Sound To Physics - V1.0

Hello. I have just started working on such a system for my game. Same procedure. I think it would be easier and time-saving I do not solve all the problems that you have already solved. Is there an appointment or idea when it appears on the marketplace? And is it Blueprint or C++?

Hey man, sorry for the late response, yes, the actual plugin is done now, I’m in the process of creating the actual sound library I’ll release it with.

I’m planning on creating a basic sound set, metal, wood, stone, bullets, I think that would cover anyone’s basic needs.

As for the release date, I am doing everything I can to release this January 2019, probably mid January between 16th and 30th.

PS: It’s a blueprint. If I ever make MNSI 2 because suddenly lots of people need it , I’ll make that be C++

Hello, this is a very interesting Plugin for me!!!
Do you have perhaps a Video with a Bouncing Basketball?
Kind regards!:rolleyes:


The reason it took me This long to get to it was trying to find a basketball that didn’t sound godawful. I spend a week going though stores, but all the balls with a price I was willing to pay for something I would use exactly once, sounded like a car tyre…In the end I actually had a friend pro-basketball player lend me his fancy ball to do recordings with. So this is legit asphalt graded ball :stuck_out_tongue:

Recording and recovering the rolling sounds was one of the hardest things I’ve had to record for this plugin yet.

And to make sure I didn’t ■■■■ it up, I compared my recordings with the ball sounds in NBA 2k19. I think I did a fairly descent job.

As for general status update, my original reasoning behind the January release date was that I’ll spend all of December working on this.

But as soon as the holidays hit, and family called, I realized that working during the holidays was kinda of a stupid idea.

Anyhow, I might have to push this down a bit more, testing this in production with two games a bunch of friends are making revealed a few issues in usability and performance I have to figure out how to fix.

But at least I’ll try to post more regular updates. And I’ll make a video of the sound library soon :slight_smile:

Wonderful work!!! Congratulations!!!

Glad you liked it, Hopefully you’ll be able to use it in your game soon! :slight_smile:

You know I am totally up for suggestions. If people were to drop in quick lists of stuff they have in their games, I would be able to better compile generalized sound lists.

So yeah if you have suggestions for collision sounds drop a reply or send me a message.

When do you publish it on Marketplace? I hope soon… I can’t wait!!!

I’m hoping between 2-3 weeks. So either end of this month, or somewhere in the beginning of next.

i have some suggestion: i need the plugin for this: if some Plates and Cutlery’s falling to the Ground -> then i must hear the Sound from this Plates and Cutlerys. I hope you Understand my bad English?

Yeah I understand :slight_smile: I’ll toss some forks and spoons infront of my mic for ya.

That “sounds” Great!!!

This is awesome! You better keep your promise to release it ! lol

You better keep your promise to buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

For release it, I will.

Hello , I will buy your plug-in according to other people’s evaluation.

Sounding/looking very awesome. :slight_smile: Hope to buy the plugin sooner or later for my Project. Will boost immersion nicely.

i need sound if i bending some plants. I mean perhaps a Banana tree with some Great doughs. Is it possible with your Plugin too?

No. Deformation sounds you’ll have to handle on your own. I have no plans to support physical deformations. Only Rigid Bodies. So Cloth flapping, or a really stiff soft body being bent are things you’ll have to figure out on your own. It’s a good idea to make a plugin for in the far future though but, I have enough to deal with as it is. :slight_smile:

And what’s with Footsteps?

No. Footsteps are usually handled somewhere in your either animation, game code or both in most advanced cases.
Though could be a fun future plugin to make. MNSI - Footsteps haha.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how much time the fine tuning devours but I would rather see a price of 20-30 for the basic plugin. You can do a lot of sound packs (metal in general, wood in general, stone in general, medieval, weapons, tools, small items, etc.).
For 10 there is already a tool on the market to connect objects with sound (“Physical Decoration Objects” CG Environments by Sascha Henrichs: Marketplace: Physical Decoration Objects). Of course, your tool does a little bit more. :wink: