MMO Starter Kit

You need to write a small server managing socket server that should know which IP and port a player must connect to depending on his last saved location ID.
Also, this server manager should launch a second instance of a location when there are too many players on a server.

That is, if you’ve already divided the world into locations, and each location is hosted on a separate port, on a separate server instance.

can you write a small server managing socket server,Thanks very much!

not Groups,why

Thanks for reporting it, it’s a bug in the kit.

Try going into ChatConnect.cpp and changing line 394 from *OnGroupUpdate(ReceivedUE4String); to OnGroupUpdate(ReceivedMessageString);

If that doesn’t help, I’ll tackle it in the next couple of days.

Groups, OK good ,Thanks

Groups,Join Session,how to do

is the selfy link down? I tried downloading your recent release for UE 4.20, but selfy link isn’t not working, when I click on codespartan it says seller don’t exist

Same here. Any news?

Same here. What’s going on? @**CodeSpartan’s **license has probably expired, as I heard from the discord. I guess someone’s gotta make another MMO starter kit :confused: or something. I wonder is he gonna sell it again?

Sorry, a Sellfy problem. Fixed it. If someone had emailed me, I would’ve fixed it sooner :slight_smile:

I built my project on localhost with no hoster. I will develop my game and once i finish gameplay features, I will get a hoster and have some of my friends test it.

@CodeSpartan Can I host the server LOCALLY (localhost All I need is a dev server for me to test on and once I get to some point in development, I can upload it to a dedicated hosting to test it with other clients… I am just not sure how is this gonna work. Can I use WAMP or XAMP?

I believe a few hundred posts back someone was talking about Xamp and using Xamp to host the PHP files and Database. The client and server can be run with the “-local” as seen the the online docs under section Running the server on your local computer
(Sorry, was a cut and paste.)

numbers 7 thru 9 show how to run it locally, and even how to have people connect to your locally run machine.

(Be sure to have PHP 5.5 or higher with Xamp so the PHP scripts will work.

I’m contacted by people who use WAMP or XAMP all the time and this causes problems for them. Once they upload scripts to a normal web host, problems go away. Obviously, you can configure these apps to work correctly, but you’d have to do some googling and tweaking, and you also need to make sure that the php scripts are accessible from outside, using your PC’s IP.

Running the client with “-local” is only necessary if you’re running it on the same PC as the server. Obviously, his friends would be on their own PCs, so they don’t need to use that parameter.

Also, people who’ve tried it, always ran into firewall and router issues (ports have to be forwarded, but firewall often blocks it anyway).

So what I would recommend is run the entire thing on a proper server. Once it works, you can start trying to run it on your machine. Because otherwise you’ll run into issues and you’ll assume that it’s the kit’s fault or that you did something wrong.

Good info CS… I ran my PHP scripts with GoDaddy with a Cheapo account… until the patcher came up… Never got it to work on GoDaddy cheap server. I didn’t have enough time for the patcher stuff to run and their tier three support said I would have to upgrade my server to one that was like 60 bucks a month. I don’t want to spend that much for something I goof with. Nor does my wife want me to spend that much LOL…… Thank you again for the info about -local I had wondered about that, I knew the4 client wouldn’t need it. I wondered about the server.

CS, have I told you how much I enjoy this kit. It has been some of the best money I have ever spent. Thank you again for building it.

Hello there!

@CodeSpartan (technical talk)
Regarding the starter kit server, how is it done - are you using UDP? What is using REST?
The MMO Starter Kit was developed a few years ago, and it has a nice support (which is awesome!). But how do you feel about it looking at it now? Do you believe the technology used has been “passed” and a better job can be done?

(non-technical talk)
I’m a nodejs developer and I want to know how much can be done with it. I’m currently planning for an isometrical MMORPG (much like Albion Online) with some focus on economy and pvp. I’m planning on multiple areas (instanced) and I’m thinking heavily on how will the server react when there are big fights (i.e. 500+ on the same map), so focus on performance is something really big. Very few games have done a good job on that and optimizing this is really hard, so I really want to hear your opinion.

Actually mate, I managed to do it, i has a bit of lag, but that’s fine. I wanted to just test the MMOkit myself while developing the environment and stuff. When I am ready to put it on a server for my friends to test it for me (I have a QA tester friend who said he will do the testing), I will.

Congrats man.

It uses C# for the chat server and php scripts for database communication. I recently had to use nodejs and from what I’ve seen of it, it could be used for both chat and database management in one program, so if I was doing it today, I’d look into that.

I’ll give you my opinion if you promise not to hate me for it :slight_smile: I have a very strong belief that it’s paramount to concentrate on gameplay, and absolutely forget the rest. I had a friend who chased heavy performance optimizations and wrote his own implementation of ECS for Unity, refactored the code a million times to make it perfect, created a special coordinates systems that would allow for a gigantic world that’s not otherwise possible with Unity, and other stuff like that. Only to realize a year later that he had no gameplay, no serious design document for gameplay, just some general concept and some cool ideas that don’t necessarily even work together. And I’ve seen it many times. Everyone thinks “that story is not about me, my idea is just brilliant”. My recommendation is to forget optimizations, to prototype the gameplay as soon as possible and put concrete ideas on paper.

You want to do an mmo with a focus on economy and pvp?

1- Ok, I imagine you’ll want to do a crafting system? Show me (figuratively) 30-40 pages of design document on crafting, how it seamlessly integrates with all other aspects of your game. Write at least 50 recipes. Are they interesting or are they mundane and utterly boring? Show me that you can do it, that it’s not just some vague desire for a crafting system that looks cool in your head when you imagine it. If you can’t do it, you’ve got a problem. Worry about technical aspects 2 years from now.

2- Show me (figuratively, I mean show yourself) a pvp system that’ll keep you engaged for hours. Prototype it and play it with your friends. Is it really as great as you thought it’d be? Iterate on it until it’s so fun, your friends are begging to turn the servers on. If nobody wants to come back to it, your have a problem.

Hey, thanks for the answer!!

Can I say I love you already? I’ve been developing nodejs servers for years. Guess it’s time to use that knowledge.

No hate. :stuck_out_tongue:

The idea is to make something fun that won’t crash, meaning fun comes before crash. It’s pointless to add a supermachine to something that doesn’t look fun. My idea was to use the MMO Starter kit as something to (1) boost development time and (2) reuse code for refactoring later on if it needs optimization. To be fairly honest, there are some things to consider before talking about server optimizations – the combat gameplay needs to be really good or else we’re going to have problems, and gathering-crafting needs to be interesting enough to draw a % of the playerbase, as it seems the gathering-crafting playerbase can move the whole server downside or upside.

PvP reputation system? Lore? Some of these things are slightly less important but still important and worth discussing before the development of the server, as some of these things usually impact on development (example: if we’re going to have a reputation system, we need a database to save that info and etc).

But going forward: if you’re telling me that there’s a starter kit with a powerful engine+server that can draw stupidly beautiful graphics and still get 60 frames per second (example: Albion doesn’t get 20 on big fights. It has less than 1/10 of the beautiful graphics. It’s sad), I feet like I HAVE to ask the question: how strong is the server? Some of the answers are on this thread already (thanks for answering everyone). I feel like this is a really good kit for the client side and, if the server fails, I’ll just refactor when needed. This is good enough for me, if I’m going to start development. I have a strong understanding of php (due to web dev and… uhh… Ragnarok Online private servers. Shoot me) and C# (Unity and… uhh… XNA, from a few years ago. Shoot twice), so if I need, I can refactor.

Now, more questions - do you believe with the current technology it is possible to have a 400-500 ZvZ PvP? Do you think that, with a good server (hardware wise), the MMO starter kit can handle that, or it is impossible?

Also, instead of having a 20km map - can we do 20x 1km maps and have the server handle it? How much refactoring will the client side need?