MMO Starter Kit

Is this happening in editor or in cooked build?

If in editor, then “run dedicated server” should not be checked when running the start map, because you’re just supposed to be a client here. But anyway, what happens in the log when the password disappears and nothing happens? You should see an error coming back from php.

Hi, I’m rebuilding the mmokit right now and then I will test it agine, So fare there are no errors in the logs so once this is done compiling I will get it another go. website is setup php is all setup and Iv added it to the hostname to ue4 mmoInstant but when I get to the part where you have to make an account, there’s where I get stuck at ,the passwords just go away and it keeps doing that. But I will be back to post and let you know how the rebuild goes. Thank you

Oh and fogot to say it happens in editor.

I dont know what to do but here is my log file

I just looked through your log file and notice that you’re getting the same issue that I just had. What seemed to have fixed it for me is to delete my db and php scripts and replace them with clean versions from a fresh project. Not sure what I had done to break them in the first place though… maybe backup everything if you have done any custom stuff and try my solution?

From the log, this is what is returned from the hoster when you attempt to register. The first JSON(…) is your request, the second JSON (…) is the response:

Instead of accessing the .php script directly, it seems to be wrapped into something with javascript by the hoster. This will never work. Change the hoster or contact their support.

Ok I changed web hosting to another one and everything works out good thanks guys for all your help :slight_smile:

The two Client,Why only one Client output speed,UE4 4.20.1

Hey CodeSpartan. Could I get a copy of the MMOkit for UE 4.18? Thanks man.

ps. please ignore the Skype message… lol… I think you said you didn’t skype much any more.

From your screenshots, both output speed.


The two Client,One client animation right, another client animation Shake,why?

project in the mail

Hey CS. TYVM for the fast response in PM. You are the best.

If you’re going to combine third person template with the MMOKit (which looks like you’re doing), you need to see how the animation blueprint is done in TPP and copy it diligently. In this case, looks like conditions in the state machine that are responsible for determining when you pass into other animation states (i.e. your broken jump animation or whatever it is) aren’t well set-up. I’d look at the state-machine to see what state it’s in when the jerking occurs. In short, you copied something incorrectly. You also didn’t set up conditions for passing into the jump state correctly. And you didn’t hook up the correct jump animations. Lots of stuff to correct.


set actor rotation , Player character non rotation,why?

Local Player character non rotation,why

For a TPP, I’d recommend you do this:

  1. Check the “use controller rotation yaw
  2. On client, find player controller and call “set control rotation” on it.

Otherwise, I’d guess you probably can’t set rotation, because “use controller rotation yaw” is already checked.

set actor rotation , Local Player character non rotation,why?

Server connection failed…project:MMOStarterKit-1.15-for-4.20

What happens in the server’s log when you try to connect?

If nothing happens, then your firewall is blocking the connection. Despite successful pings.

Try launching the server locally and connecting to on client. If everything is successful, this definitely points to a problem with closed ports on your server.

Server players limit MaxPlayers=150,Exceed limit clients Connect Other IP,clients set More server IP,How to do?