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You need to create a physics asset for your mesh (can be automatic, Right click on the mesh -> Create -> Physics asset), it should fix this. I’ve investigated this and it turned out the game currently uses the capsule before the death, and physics asset after. I’ll make it swap back to the capsule after respawn in the next build, but you still need a physics asset for the time when the character is dead.

  1. You mean, don’t allow the user to login if they don’t have an active (paid) account? You would have to modify a php file for that, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Modify the mmologin.php script and add a column to the ‘users’ table in MySQL db. For example, you can call this column “active_subscription” and make mmologin.php not only check the username and password, but also check this “active_subscription” column. If it is false, echo some message to be displayed, something like: ‘status’=>‘You don’t have an active subscription. Reactivate your subscription by going to www yoursite’

  2. Not sure I understand the question.

Thanks for the help. I am learning as I go and spent a good day or two trying to figure it out. I will add it to my pipeline documentation and can start to work on the other enemies!

Learn the unreal engine and blueprints, how to do ?

Purchased this, amazing work, keep up the great work! I look forward to future updates! May I request guilds for a future update, or possible basic gather/craft ?

Captain O:

I believe I sense a little sarcasm in that. Loving sarcastic humor… I give you a LOL.

On the other hand. Do you have any suggestions or links on how to learn Unreal… a book in either electronic format. softcopy or even hardback would be awesome.

This is how I learned and I haven’t been doing too bad.

The twin stick shooter was pretty good tutorial as it covers blueprints in a decent amount of detail.

Thank you Terry.

Anyone else ?

The sense in strong in you Clifford :slight_smile:
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As Terry already mentioned, the wiki is an awesome learning resource.
Also on Youtube - Introduction to Blueprints (pre. v4.7) - YouTube

I don’t know if the following links are allowed, but i’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

If you’re willing to spend some cash, this is also a nice one - – Videos – Index
And digital tutors also have some nice tutorials.
And if you’re interested in learning C++ development on UE4 this can be very helpful - Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4 | Packt

As a first resource the tutorials i would advise to do the wiki tutorials first and check out the forums - . There are some very nice tutorials here and some some free projects with source you can check out.

Thank you Captain O.

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I tried adding a spell, following the documentation, and I had noticed in the blueprints a buffhealth blue print that didn’t have skill tied to it. I did all the edits, but when I login it doesn’t show up.

How does this handle world space? Is it just a single map, does it support transitioning from one place to the next with, or without load screens? Does it support instancing, both world space and dungeons?


To make an ability show up in the abilities window (opened by P key), you have to add it to Abilities Window blueprint. Check out how the two demo abilities are done there in the Designer tab and Event Construct and do the same for your new ability.

If it doesn’t work, I think it’s because it’s an actor and you’re not attaching it on the server/it’s not set to be replicated. If you’re doing this to attach a weapon you don’t need the weapon to be a separate actor - it could be a component and then you could attach it on the client.

implement travel between zones,use “openlevel” ,Fall in the air
Can give a youtube tutorial?

So the answer is already given…

Can u do a tutorial for sql database ? i wanna do my frist mmorpg in unreal but i don’t know how create this.

This actually is explained on the documentation page, if you want tutorials on MySql, how to use and build it i would suggest this site -

You don’t even really have to know MySql in depth, if you know how to import the database structure into the database you use and how to upload the PHP scripts to your server there’s nothing else to it.

Above this, i really would suggest to all people that want to use this kit to first get familiar with the absolute basic stuff you really need to know if you want to develop a game and especially a MMO on the Unreal Engine or whatever engine you want to use for it.
This isn’t a click and build toolbox where everything is done for you automagically with one push on a button and at least some programming experience ( especially blueprints if you want to adapt some of the blueprints to your own specific needs, and you will ) is needed because this kit sets up the basic needs to build you own MMO upon and the rest is up to you.

This is a very solid base and flexible enough to totally tailor it to your needs. And CodeSpartan is extremely helpful and friendly in his support but i really would suggest to do some research yourself, like the link i just gave here was 2 seconds of work and i don’t think it’s up to CodeSpartan to make ( video ) tutorials for the most basic stuff you can find out easily for yourself. You don’t have to be a PHP / MySql expert to set up the database.

And even though i believe CodeSpartan actually is prepared to hold everybody’s hand and lead you personally through the whole process this is impossible for him to do.

Good luck.

Nicely said Capt. O

AS I have said a number of times in this thread, I have NO art exp. and no programming exp. Just a guy with a dream. I have posted what I have been able to do with the kit here also in the thread. But, it has taken me months of head work to get where I am at. Now that I have done it, and taken notes on what I have done to get here, I can recreate ALL of the mods I have done (With help) in about 4 hours.

I went back and looked at skype chat that I have had with Codespartan… when I cut and paste them all into a word doc, word says there are 22 pages of chat that I have had with Codespartan. (Thank you CS.) I have considered asking CS for his email addy tied to paypal because of all the help he has given me to send him some extra money.

With that being said, it has not been “Ask CS to hold my hand” have him build my Dream… I have had to work out everything I have done. Please see this postfor example of help.
I have never found an “Issue” with this kit, they have all been of my making, or lack of knowledge.
IN closing: Put some work into your dream. And watch it blossom. Leave it for others to do and watch it wither.



I too am interested in these questions.

HI Sean.

I think if you go back a couple pages in this thread, you see some talk about world space. I THINK that you can have multiple maps and that you can walk from one to another with out load screens. Like I said… a couple pages back it was talked about but, I didn’t understand some of it.

It is possible that we might see that feature in 4.11 release… but, CS was still working on it. I don’t believe we have seen what is coming in the 4.11 release yet. <shrug>

You will find that info in the help doc… under : Adding your own persistent stats:

If you need the link to the doc, it is here:

Hope it helps yskwork.