MMO Starter Kit

Hey Codesparten, have you thought about making the Code part of this a Plugin for better transplant to other Projects? :slight_smile:

Is someone managed to make it work on 4.8 ?
i can’t.

He said he would be releasing an update coinciding with the UE update so just give him a few days. He has been working on new features to include with the kit for the new UE update.

Patients young grasshopper all good things come to those who wait :slight_smile:

it may not apply to this particular case but those that wait die without being someone. Never wait for someone to Start/Finish something for you when you can do it your self.

*love the kit thanks for the help on skype.

I’m still working on the update (which will contain the quests system), you can expect it to hit the demo server and be released tomorrow if everything goes well. :slight_smile:

Good news: it seems you can port the project to 4.8 rather easily: change BuildingRocket() portion of your CleanThirdPersonServer.Target.cs to IsEngineInstalled(). Or you can just wait for the new update.

Thx for your solution.

My project is now on 4.8.

glad to hear your still supporting this, hanging out for the 4.8 release how much longer… lol are we there yet

Is everything going well how, long till the update?

I think Code’s almost there, just give it time :slight_smile:

An extra note – how to find the CleanThirdPersonServer.Target.cs file: Select your project folder and Ctrl+F to Search Target.cs (or type in the whole file name), then open the file it finds in notepad.

For Substance Designer fans — Since Substance plugin is now installable for v4.8 from the marketplace for projects (without having to use github), if you added the earlier plugin to your project you will need to remove the /plugins/Substance folder from the MMOKit to avoid an Already Exists error.

How should one go about making a less direct control sheme (i.e. something they have in E.V.E. Online?) movement-wise?

Hey Kiwi!

You would need to build a new player controller + player blueprint, I’m assuming you’re trying to build a space game similar to EVE? Where you set the ship/players destination with waypoints and no direct control over the craft? Let me know if this helps ya!

Hey Tarr_bot.
The answer would be yes, and then again, no.

I am trying to make a semi-direct control system, yes.
No, it has nothing to do with space or underwater (which is actually a great idea for an E.V.E. clone, someone point me towards a decent venture capitalist), but rather with traditional naval combat as a corner case; but at its core is the idea of a character, instead of a spaceship, being thus controlled.

This means that EVE functionality (orbiting and waypoints) is a necessity, but not the final result.
And I rather think I’d have to design a rudimentary AI for this (different path-finding algorythms), but that’s just haf the fun. Other half comes in designing the system in such a way that it still can be played effrectively by multiple players (happily, that has mostly been pioneered).

I can talk about this at length in private or public, if you like.

Upd: the main bug with 4.8 is fixed internally and hopefully the fix will be released in 4.8.1 hotfix

The transition to 4.8 is going to be delayed, most likely until the first hotfix. It looks like there are a couple of serious bugs in 4.8 :(:

  1. [4.8] Assertion failed Result->LinkerLoad - UE4 AnswerHub
  2. [BUG?] Net Load on Client doesn't work in 4.8 - UE4 AnswerHub

In EVE Online you can send ships to orbit around something, is this what you’re looking for? For that, just send the orbit target from the client to the server and let server handle the orbiting. In any case, to implement any special kind of controller you first need to know how to do it in a single player UE4 project. Once you can do it in single player mode, adding networking or adding the controller to the MMO kit should be easy.

Did they say when that hotfix would be available?

Since Epic is now able to release c++ projects / plugins, any chance for this to hit the marketplace? Or… is there a chance to release the various “systems” that are in play as plugins?

can you add select character menu and create character as this one?

this would be awesome

i am still learning UE4 i will buy your source maybe in 2 weeks :slight_smile: it looks good to learn from

i just tested your demo and i have few suggestion

1 - add character creator screen same as this link ( )
2 - fix the chat Unicode problem it wont support Arabic you can try with this word ( تجربه )
3 - when i fall down no damage taken also when i jump to water it wont swim
4 - Pressing ( TAB ) to switch between 15 meter targets
5 - auto rotate to fight the target
6 - make new NPC enemy that auto attack when you get 5 meter near them

these would make your source very powerful