ML Deformer Cloth

ML Deformer Clothes training results are not good. My clothes are sizzling. What settings should I touch to make a good result?

The setting value of this result is as shown in the image below.

Please tell me the answer…!!

Try setting the Compression level and Delta Zero Thresholds as close to 0 as possible as first attempt. Also you can try setting the regularization factor to 1. And you are including probably way too many bones as training inputs. Try to reduce them to only the bones that matter. Exclude helper bones etc.

I would also set the number of neurons per layer to 6. Try to keep them about the same as the number of morphs per bone.

You can also try increasing the learning rate a bit more.

I would basically stick with the default values, but set the Compression values to 0 as first test to see if that reduces that noise. But most importantly reduce the bone count. 280 bones is too much.

You can also try the global model of the Neural morph Model.

If you want cloth you can also try the Nearest Neighbor Model. That is specialized in cloth. Although the Neural Morph Model will also work and is faster, but could produce less crisp folds (but often still looks good).


Thank you very much John, helped me a lot. I have a question since you touched Nearest Neighbor, I tried using the model but keep getting an error “Training failed! Check input parameters or sequence length”

LogNearestNeigborModel: Error: ML Deformer isn’t compatible with skeletal mesh ‘BaseMesh’