mixing non-subUVs with SubUVs in Niagara

hi there. I’m trying to make a material for Niagara that runs on Particle subUVs texture samples (so that I can get the soft blending of particles, but I would also like to feed the quad a simple normal map for lighting and a distortion map the particle UVs to deform the textures a little.

The problem I have is that when I set my Niagara system to apply the Sub UVs of the main texture sheet, ie: 8x8, it also applies that to my normal map and distortion texture which are 1x1. I tried forcing it to have it’s own Texture Coords (UV1), in hopes that the particle system would only read UV0, but Niagara seems to be applying the UVs across the board.

Is there some way I can tell a material to ignore the SubUVs from Niagara and use the UVs I’m manually feeding the texture samples?