Mixed Reality shown in Apple WWDC 2017 by you Epic... can we have this already in 4.16?????

That is the question…

Mixed Reality shown in Apple WWDC 2017 by you Epic… can we have this already in 4.16???


info here: Epic Games offers details on its support for ARKit and VR on the Mac | iMore

and github link here:
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Wow, that is cool and I did not saw that part, I had to go away, but I was not referring to that.

When they did the UE4 demo with Starwars, a girl was being streamed in real time, she was wearing one HTC Vive HMD and she was INSIDE the virtual world from the camera perespective, so she was able to be streamed in full body while she was composed inside that world.

This is something that has some efforts here inside the forum, but the dev of that plugin had to give up because other things, after seeing that I´m convinced UE4 already has that technology, and I´m asking for that technology to be able to use a third camera and show people inside the VR world in external TV.

Here you can see what I mean:


Support for that as well as custom mirror windows is slated for 4.17



Can this be used already with the AR build?

Cheers and thanks for clarifying this!