Mixed Reality/Open VR Controller Meshes

Hi - Has anyone had much success using Mixed reality headsets and controllers with UE4? I’m running a Reverb using Steam Open VR which works fine however I set my MotionController components on my pawn to Steam VR, it doesn’t manage to locate an appropriate mesh for the controllers.

It’s implemented in the MotionController as thisimage:

The log suggests that the SteamVR plugin is looking in an incorrect location for this mesh.

LogSteamVR: Warning: Loaded empty sub-mesh for SteamVR device model: ‘C:\Users*MYUSERNAME*\AppData\Local\Microsoft/Windows/OpenVR\controller_1627_1118_2\controller.obj’

Any ideas how to fix this? I assume this is coded in the SteamVR plugin?


Similarly on the controller mapping front - Windows Mixed Reality controllers are not mapping the thumbstick inputs to any input right now. Unity is supporting this out of the box so I’m hoping Unreal will keep up as it will really help supporting a broader range of VR hardware.

An update on controller bindings for anyone who has encountered this - if you go through the Steam OpenVR controller binding route which is hardware agnostic then you can get Mixed Reality (aka Holographic) controller bindings to do more than vanilla out of the box UE4 controller mappings.

Also a link to the forum thread on this.

Still would be nice for the meshes for the controllers to come through like they should with the motion controllers.