Mixamo Pipeline missing bones

I’m trying to import this model: 3D Models for Download | TurboSquid into UE4 after running using Mixamos Auto rigger, while she looks fine on Mixamo, when I import the finished product into UE4 she is always missing her left arm.

I am also having trouble hooking up the textures to UE4 materials, reading through the UE4 materials wiki I get the some of the basic things like hooking up the normal, displacement, base color etc, but I can’t quite get the eyes to display properly, which makes the whole model look quite weird.

While there are lots of quality models available on Mixamo, I’ve been trying to get this one animated and properly textured in UE4 for a very long time, any alternative solutions are welcome! I have access to Maya for rigging but the current amount of free animations on Mixamo is very hard to pass up.