Mixamo has dropped support for Unreal Engine exporting

Just some news I have discovered.

As of today (16/12/20116), Mixamo has dropped support for Unreal Engine specific .FBX downloads.

This means if you have existing UE .FBX skeletal meshes, you can no longer download new animations and target them to that character.
You will need to use the standard “FBX” download and replace the older character entirely.

It will still work as expected, the key difference here being that root and twist bones are no longer available in Mixamo downloads.

I am not 100% sure on what these two features are/were for, but i’m sure someone can elaborate more on this.

More information on this change here.


Could someone make a step-by-step writeup on how to approach this now? Especially retargeting animations to other FUSE characters etc?

Thats a bummer. Thought their service will getting better after getting bought by Adobe. But it got worse and worse.

The character system isn’t really that great and their support is awful. I suggest you build a controlrig in MotionBuilder and do your animation imports/exports there.

Do you mean mixamo animations by that? imo the animations are AAA…

I found the animations to be incredibly useful!
The process to get them in there could have been a bit easier (even though the entire process as a whole was very streamlined). But in all fairness it is a great tool!

It wasn’t going to be free forever, and I’m guessing these are the first steps towards integration with Adobe.
I guess we’ll see. Paid service introduction might prove to be better. We can only speculate at this stage.

Very sad news. Mixamo was a beacon of hope in the Ocean for us Indie devs. And why do they not announce this a couple days before.

you guys might wanna spam/bump this thread:

It looks like if you try to import new animations to an existing pre-dropped ue .fbx character from mixamo, it will throw errors and you will have to manually add the root axis to the base of your mesh.

I may be wrong, but if you create an entirely new character with animations it should avoid these issues.

The key problem being existing skeletal characters cannot accept new animations from Mixamo, which Mixamo clearly do not realise.

well to be true , they have been controlling our options from the very beginning . No .fbx export option directly from the fuse editor really a great service provider.

No Morph3D, albeit was announced long time ago, and no longer easy integration and especially facilitating UE animations with Mixamo. It is puzzling. While it is possible to get most FBX into UE, most of the good looking models lack quality animations. This is a real problem.

I also noticed the textures come differently now… they come all packaged into 1 material instead of separate ones for different body parts, clothing…

But I still don’t get it, if we pay for the service then we will get to download new animations with the root bones, or is that just not a feature anymore at all?

Hmmm… And here I was thinking this fuse stuff was too good to be true, luckily I downloaded a few animations in time, but I am still missing on a bunch for new characters…

Why keep an option for unity .fbx import ??? This is not a so called creative Cloud Service

"Maintaining a long list of download types has become unsustainable for our team. So, we are removing download types for Source Filmmaker, Garry’s Mod, Dota 2 and Unreal Engine 4. We are still keeping the most popular download types that support animation workflows into production game engines and 3D software. Check in with our community forum to discuss the changes."

Well yes unity download type is more popular . So true :slight_smile:

it works if you upload model to mixamo and then download with new skeleton. So it should be ok to use them in new projects but existing ones with ue4 file version are screwed…

So… do we have some solutions on this? I have been creating characters in Fuse, use mixamo for animation and when I download, than importing in UE, skeleton (mesh) just laying down, and i don’t know how to fix dat… so sad

This is brutal new just before Christmas, no announcement just removed so much potential from us.

Yeah, **** you Adobe.

I was expecting this much earlier. Wouldn’t be surprising if the whole mixamo thing goes “paid”. Otherwise why would adobe have bought it anyway? Corporations, you know…:frowning:

Is there a solution for this?

read it also today… ähm still in wtf? mode… omg… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: