Mixamo has dropped support for Unreal Engine exporting

Destroyed pipelines for indie developers. What the hell. You just screwed so many of your potential customers. Bring it back and charge a nominal fee to use it or whatever but to not support Unreal is just dumb. Your tool should be at least unity and unreal friendly.

Just LOL. How can they even say this with a straight face:D

I’ll just chime in and say that the standard fbx works just fine. If you don’t feel like updating everything, UE4 provides pretty advanced retargeting tools.

I don’t think the root and twist bones from ue4 ever worked with the mixamo rigger did it? Those bones had to be added after the fact, Since you rig it and then you tell the site to download it in a certain format, like ue4 skeleton compatibility.

That is my finding and understanding as well. I have run some tests and my Mixamo stuff is still working fine … I am using both the Steam version of FUSE and the Creative Cloud version of FUSE.

Simple and fast character creation for standart mannequin UE4. Required: Maya with Advanced skeleton 5 plug-in, Mixamo Fuse or other creator of characters.

I made 3 videos for importing Mixamo Character and Animation to UR4, that may help anyone need animation or Character from Mixam




Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the release of Character Creator 2.0. By combining with the iClone/3DXchange pipeline, users can auto convert Mixamo motions through Character Creator 2.0 for use in the Unreal engine. This will save time by avoiding the requirement to map and rename bones and re-align axis.

Know more:

Download the free version and try now:

*5 times of exporting function available

Welcome to visit our forum for more information.

Reallusion Team

mixamo has also an autorigger. It alows you create you quick and dirty the rig + skinweights. I don’t found any possibility to retarget a completed SKM to a new Skeleton + Skinweights. Is there one?

Hello everyone,
I made this plugin that fixes the issues ONE TIME FOR GOOD.
The plugin :
• Bakes your animation.
• Bakes your skeleton.
• Adds a root bone.

in just one button click :slight_smile:

Check it out :slight_smile:

Screenshot :

so what do you do then? it says that it still works with ue4 but how do you make it work? anybody know? is there a video or something? god…this really ruins mixamo for me

You can use this converter to work mixamo characters with ue4: