Mixamo Animation Retargeting

Thank you! I’ll definitely pick this up.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

A quick update: Epic sent us the “marketplace identifier”. So we are a step closer to the release! I’ll keep you updated as soon as we’ll have further information to share.

Any chance of using this tech on Daz models? Just curious -

Do you mean https://www.daz3d.com/ ? I think it should be possible, like for the Unity models discussed above. We could look at them after the publishing of this plugin.

Wow, this is amazing! I’ll buy it as soon as it is released. It’ll be a huge time saver.

Yup! As of right now, you can scrap the rig Daz exports and try to run with Mixamo with a little less cleanup or you can try to bring the fbx into Blender or something similar and recreate everything based off of the UE4 Mannequin reference. Anything and everything to speed up the iterative process is welcomed. Keep up the awesome work!

I’m buying this as soon as it’s released, FYI. Great job and great idea. :slight_smile:

Epic, Whats taking so long??? :slight_smile:

Oh man thats amazing! this is rly cool! i need it!!

It should work. You can already import Daz characters into Mixamo and then into UE4 (with needed adjustments). Make sure whatever you’re using from Daz, you also have the gaming license or you cannot use in your game.

Instant buy upon release though. ESPECIALLY for $35!!

Yeah, I got the license a while back but going between multiple programs/services is certainly not optimal. I’d definitely be willing to drop 3-4x that much for native Daz support. Time = Money

I’m modeling my character’s wardrobe because most of it isn’t available for game use. Which is great since I’m now using Marvelous Designer and I’m back in Zbrush again.


As Epic review process is taking a very long time to complete and several persons wrote us asking for the plugin, we have decided to make it available also on Gumroad. We are finalizing few details for selling out of the Marketplace, our desire is to be able to release the plugin at the end of this week. Here you can subscribe for product availability on Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/unamedia

P.S. Thanks for all the kind comments!

Hi everybody!

Mixamo Animation Retargeting plugin is now officially available on Gumroad: https://gum.co/ue4-mixamo ! From there you can buy the plugin and have access to the source code and pre-build binaries (so no need to play with Visual Studio).

Base price is set to USD 34.99. Note that Gumroad charges VAT for EU customers. This is currently out of our control, we are in touch with them to look for solutions.

Of course, as soon as Epic will complete its review, the plugin will be available on the Marketplace too. As Epic and Gumroad are different legal entities, be aware that purchases are not transferable.

Any feedback is well accepted and feel free to use this channel to ask for support. Happy gaming!! :slight_smile:

I just purchased this on Gumroad -
After unzipping, I find only Windows versions.
According to install text:
Binary distribution
“<PROJ>” points to the root directory of your Unreal Engine 4 project.
Pick the binary distribution archive compatible with your Operating System and Unreal Engine version (e.g. for the Windows version of Unreal Engine 4.15:

So where’s the mac version? It is listed on the Gumroad road page, just not in the download, or the download options.

EDIT - I unzipped the “Windows” version and installed it per your instructions. The results are two warnings and the inability to open project.

plugin blues.jpeg

plugin blues 2.jpeg

Perhaps I’m just ignorant in regards to this install process. Can you help, or possibly upload a video showing the correct install steps?

Hi! You are absolutely right! We are looking to see if we can guarantee binary distributions also for Mac.

In the mean time you can follow the procedure documented as “Source distribution” (you’ll need Xcode installed). For point 6 under Mac: ensure “Epic Games Launcher” is running, right mouse click over the “.uproject” file in the “<PROJ>” directory, then select “Services” > “Generate Xcode Project”.

Let me know if you encounter problems!

Update: done :slight_smile: You can find in your download area on Gumroad the pre-build binaries for Mac too!

Thanks for getting back to me quickly!!
I downloaded the mac version and placed it into a “Plugins” folder within my project folder “<PROJ>”. I can launch project but there is nothing under plugins.

I’m installing Xcode now. Will try a couple of other methods and post back.

Installing Xcode did it! Thanks again!


It works, worth every penny. Thank you for this.

*Double posted